Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Haul

I've been following Zoe for about 6/7 years now and I fall in love with anything and everything she launches, so I HAD to try some of her Sweet Inspirations Range! I am a lover of sweet scents... anything to make me feel all cosy and content. I'm a massive bath fanatic and I'm constantly envious towards other bloggers and vloggers who use Lush products in their bath because my skin does not agree with many things from there *cries*, although I have found one bath bomb that likes me and a body cream *dances*! 
So I've been on the hunt for bath products that agree with my skin, then it clicked.... Zoe has a new range! I had tried some of her previous products and loved them all, so I knew I was not going to be disappointed! I am a massive lover of bath salts and bath milks so when I saw that she was bringing some out, I ordered them straight away! 

I decided to get the Bath Latte, Le Fizz, Sugar Dip, Double Creme and the Sweet Inspirations Body Mist! I really want to also try the Body Fondant when it is in stock because I feel like that's a holiday must have! 

I'm just going to be showing you what I bought in this post and over on my I have done a first impressions video!


The first thing are these gorgeous bath salts. Can we just begin by appreciating this packaging! I'm 100% going to find a use for this when the salts have run out (leave some suggestions below of uses haha)! 

The Bath Latte is perfect for a moisturising bath. It's best to have a long soak in this for it to have the best outcome. A little goes a long way with this! AND AGAIN.... THE PACKAGING *Drools*! This would be perfect for a Sunday evening soak in a candle lit bath!
I also have Le Fizz to add to the bath to add a little bit of extra scent. Plus it's just so satisfying watching a bath bomb fizz (or is that just me haha)! 
Once I've had my long hot soak in the bath I can now use Double Creme to moisturise! I am a massive fan of her other body creams! A little certainly goes a long way with this... a coin sized amount will basically cover your whole arm or leg. I love to use this cream after I have shaved to add a bit more moisture back into my skin! 
Lastly, I can spritz this fresh mist over my body to leave me feeling fabulous and ready to tackle the day *clicks fingers in sassy motion and struts*! Again with the packaging... it's very rare you get a body mist in a glass bottle! It definitely makes it feel a lot more special!

That's all I managed to get from the range... but I hope to pick up some more very soon! Thank you Zoe for putting in all the hard work to create such beautiful AND affordable products!

Be sure to check out my  to see my first impressions video, in which I will be going into a lot more detail about the products!

Have you tried the Sweet Inspirations range yet?
What are your favourite products?
What do you most like the look of?

Leave them in the comments below, I'd love to know!

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