Must Buy Gifts For This Father’s Day || Guest Post

Fathers are tricky beings to buy for.  When it comes Mother’s day I know exactly what she’ll love and even if I am struggling, flowers have never let me down. The issue with buying for dads can be that very often- they ask for very little. It’s in their DNA to be very practical only accumulating exactly what they need. You’ll often find that the things that they really do love are kept quiet or done away from the family home.  This essential father’s day gift guide is here to aid all struggling children of hard to buy for dads.

Sweet Treats


When I talk about dads doing things they really love away from the family home, secret eating I imagine is a big one. As a woman, I know I’m guilty of devouring a chocolate bar in the time between leaving the corner shop to then arriving home. Well, men do it too. I know this because I recently spotted a middle aged guy devouring a cream éclair in his family hatchback. Clearly what happens in supermarket carparks stays there.

Treat dad to cake, it’s not just us females who have a sweet tooth. As Rhianna once said, it’s not even his birthday but he certainly wants to lick the icing off. Father’s day cupcakes are a fun way to share some of your favourite dad moments by printing them as edible cake decorations.  Your father’s day Sunday afternoon will be full of tea, cake and cool Instagram pics.



Who doesn’t love to smell and look fabulous? We all do and so does dad. Although he may seem uninspired when browsing the duty free section before family holidays, this is only because he could be spending his time in the cheap airport lounge bar. Truth is, his suitcase is in fact full of smelly goodies – mum will have certainly made sure of that.

Why not pamper the father in your life to some mens grooming products. Perhaps dad he’s single and looking for new love?  It may just be that his only hope for success is your persistent nudges into the modern world of dating and the need to be looking and smelling sharp.

Man Cave

We all need a place to call our own and more importantly time on our own. Does your dad have a man cave or should I say a study wanabe man cave? Although we may mock our father’s for hiding away from the chaos of everyday family life, his logic is in fact coming from a whole lot of life experience. The moment he senses things getting heated between mother and daughter –he’s in the study with the door closed.

To make his alone time far more fun and enjoyable why not club together with your siblings, maybe even mum would happily help out too, and buy something for his den.  Depending on your budget you could spend a little more and buy a Kartell chair, known for their innovative design they are top of the seating style charts, if there were one of course.  One of these sleek looking chairs could be the final touch to what was once just a vision.

Smooth Criminal


Does your old man like the finer things in life? Does he refuse to drink instant coffee because that’s so below him. His particular habits may just come in handy when looking to treat him this father’s day. Buy him some luxury coffee beans and a handheld grinder to grind them in. Bring him the joys of great coffee every morning and dodge having to hear to morning grumbles as he sips his water like instant brew.   

I hope this post has given you some ideas of what to get your dad for Father's Day!
Have you got anything planned for the day?
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*This is a guest post. It has not been written by me. 


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