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I've been blogging for a few years now and I've stumbled across many blogs on the way! Some of which have inspired me, made me laugh when I'm feeling a bit down and/or have made my bank account cry a little. So I thought, why not share them with all of you... there are now 1045 of you ( on Twitter) reading my little blog, which still to this day amazes me... so I guess I have enough power to make you check out some other blogs (which are 100000% more entertaining than mine, believe me haha)!
Starting off with Georgia from Mapped Out! Words cannot describe how much she helped me at the beginning of my university experience; she was one of the people that motivated me and pushed me to carry on and I am so so grateful for that! Thanks to her for pushing me to stick at it, I managed to achieve a 91 in my exam, leaving me to complete the year on a first! If she hadn't pushed me to carry on then I would have never of known what I was capable of! Not to mention... how beautiful she is and how stunning her photography is! Go and give her a cheeky follow because she deserves millions of followers <3

Georgia's Links:

Onto the next blog... this human being has made my days a lot brighter... from her ever so beautiful Snapchats to her sarcastic tweets. Sarah from A Diary of a Teachaholic has helped me so much recently, more than she thinks! She made my days that little bit brighter when I was going through my breakup and well just in general makes me happy. She sent me a lovely letter alongside some gifts for my birthday and the letter is honestly something I am going to treasure forever (literally going to put it in a frame and hang it on my wall). 
Go give the girl a follow pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (*I'm the only the only hope she has got #dontpunchme) *#loveyoureally ... #maybe 

Sarah's Links: 

Lastly, Rachel from Rachel Rambling On. Number 1: Her blog name is the cutest. Number 2: She has the most inspiring posts about body confidence. Number 3: LOOK AT HOW STUNNING SHE IS! I'm definitely more of a fan of lifestyle kind of posts rather than beauty... I love how you can get to know someone just by reading some words on a screen and she is the perfect example. She opens up to the world about body positivity and self love and I think that is such an important subject to talk about. If you ever need a little 'pick me up' she's your gal!

Rachel's Links: 

Snapchat: rachrogers11

I wish I had the time and motivation to include every single one of you but just know that I love you all equally ahah! I want you all to go and give these girls some lovin because they deserve it so so much <3

I thought I would use this opportunity to say sorry! Sorry for my rubbish content on here recently. I really am trying but blogging isn't doing it for me as much anymore.... it's all about the at the moment! What I'm trying to say is, I don't want to commit to uploading weekly on here anymore... or for at the moment at least. I don't enjoy it as much anymore and I don't feel I should make it into any more of a chore as it is! I am uploading weekly on YouTube (10 am every Saturday) so it would mean the world if you subscribed and gave that a little bit of love! I guess you'll just see me when you see me! 

Thank you all so much for sticking by me and supporting me ... I'm not stopping blogging completely, I just need a little break and to get my mojo back... breaks are needed remember! 

Love you all <3
Comment below some of your favourite blogs and share the love! 


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