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We do not know is it the summer in the air or the overwhelming amount of makeup girls have been putting on their face lately (over-contouring we are looking at you), but it seems that the world has seen enough of goofy makeup looks and that the natural and slightly enhanced features are the best thing to wear this season. Women often fear that they will feel as naked without their makeup or with little products applied, but the truth is that every woman is far more attractive when her face is recognisable and her best assets just a bit accentuated. So, if you are up for it and want to know how and why to ace this trendy look, read on.

Care for Your Skin

If you do not care for your skin, all your efforts to make your makeup look beautiful fall into water. The best foundation for your foundation is actually a nourished skin. This is not a one-time action, and you will need to have a regular beauty routine which will make your skin healthier. It is very important to exfoliate with gentle scrubs if you have sensitive skin (you can go for the DIY scrubs like baking soda and or honey, sugar and oatmeal) once a week. You should cleanse your skin once a week. The crucial step is the hydration – use a quality moisturiser with SPF.

Conceal and Cover

No matter how well do you care for your skin, some flaw can always sneak in – a wrinkle, a pimple, etc. Use a concealer to cover the under-eye circles and acne breakouts. Find the one with a small applicator and rich pigment to apply just the right amount and shade. Build up the coverage in thin layers, instead of applying too much of it at once. If your skin is oily and shiny, try to hide it with an oil-absorbing powder.
The Art of Simplicity

If you want to achieve the perfect natural make up, all you need to do is to add some warm tones (peach or pink) to your cheekbones. After, make your eyes and lips pop, by defining them with nude and earthy tones. A soft brown(ish) tint will enhance the natural contour of your eyes, but you can also dot a soft brow eye pencil between the top lashes. You can also apply some lipstick of the similar colour as your lips and subtly amp up your lips. In the end, define the lashes with some rich mascara.

More than Just a Trend

The fact you see tons of celebrities, including Miranda Kerr, Jessica Biel, Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, and Jennifer Lawrence, wearing this almost bare face style speaks about how trendy this is, but the benefits and importance of it go way beyond a simple fad. This whole look implies the use of all-natural beauty products, which is important not only for the health of each individual using them, but also for the preservation of our planet. We can see the rise in demand for organic cosmetics in UK especially, but in other countries too, which means that the world is moving towards something better, safer, more sustainable and healthier. And some of the mentioned stars, especially Miranda Kerr, are fighting to spread the word about the importance of these changes.

This perfectly simple way to wear your makeup is so much more than just an itch for copying the red carpet star. It can make your skin shine, without harming it in any way (we all know that synthetic makeup is filled with toxic residues), but it can also enhance your natural beauty, which is, after all, the original mission of makeup.

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*This is a guest post written by Peter Minkoff. 


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