A New Chapter

This is just a quick life update kind of post just for myself to look back on. As you may know I broke up with my boyfriend a month or so ago and I've only just got my life back on track. I have finally finished my first year of uni on a 1st (How I managed to get 91 on my exam I will never know), I have FINALLY started and I am not far off of 200 subscribers, I have some exciting projects for my blog being organised and I'VE ONLY GONE AND BEEN CHOSEN AS A FINALIST IN THE BEAUTY BLOGGER AWARDS 2016
I entered the awards last year but didn't make it close to even being a finalist however, I still went to the event and had the best day (read all about it here)! This year I decided to enter myself again for the 'Best Use of Social Media' award, as I am obsessed with social media (My phone never leaves my side) and I want to go into social media and branding as a career, so I can't even begin to describe how much this award means to me! 

I remember my ex saying to me that I need to use my blog to my advantage and try and make something out of it... to which I said "It's not that easy/It's my hobby, nothing else"... but since then EVERYTHING has happened! I've managed to get myself some sponsorships, become a finalist for an award and I have managed to do something which I never thought I'd be able to do (all will be revealed very soon)! 
This is my way of saying: "F U breakup... F U crap time of my life... F U stressful year"! This is my new chapter... this is proof that things do get better; there is light at the end of the tunnel and most of this is all down to you lovely people who have supported me through all the good and bad times so thank you, thank you, thank you! 

If you would like to support me in the Beauty Blogger Awards then you can vote here: http://www.beautybloggerawards.com/vote/best-use-of-social-media-vote

It would honestly mean everything to me! I never get close to winning anything, let alone being a finalist! It finally feels like these 3 years of blogging has paid off, all thanks to you lovely bunch <3

If you're going through a little rough patch, just remember, THINGS DO GET BETTER! 


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