Ever since I started YouTube I have slowly noticed my 'imperfections'. I completely understand now when Gabriella (Velvetgh0st) says that she has 'flat lips' on her side profile etc... when you're editing a video of yourself for hours on end, you begin to pick up on everything. Especially since my breakup with my boyfriend, my confidence has been at an all time low but I've started doing little things to build it back up! 

Which leads me onto my next thought... I constantly apologise in videos for my crappy makeup or messy hair or my makeup less face... but why should I apologise for being ME!? This is me, this is what makes me unique. 

I have recently uploaded a video about '' in which I mentioned that I was born with something called Plagiocephaly (also known as flat head syndrome). This was more visible when I was younger and you can only really notice it now when I'm tired or ill. I tend to notice it in pictures quite a lot and especially when I edit videos! People tend to joke about it ... which I don't necessarily mind because it's what makes me 'me'! 
Sometimes I look at myself and hate the way I look, but I think that is a thing we all do! It's all due to the media and the way we have been brainwashed to perceive 'perfection'; which I have written about more in this post if you want a bit more on that! Recently, I've seen a lot of tweets on Twitter (duh) about people's self confidence; or should I say a 'lack of self confidence'. 

So this brings me on to the main point of this post....

I want to start up a little hashtag (#ThisIsMe) for Twitter and Instagram, to encourage you all to share what makes you... YOU! 

This can include a picture of: a birth mark... a makeupless selfie... or a full face of makeup... or that little scar you got as a child because you didn't do as you were told!

 Literally anything at all! 

Express yourself... show us who you are and what society deems to be 'imperfections' but in my opinion they are what make you ... you!

Share them with me... share them with the world... spread that positivity rather than all the hate we see on social media nowadays! 

Share this post with everyone and anyone... encourage them to join in!



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