Father's Day Gift Ideas with MenKind*

Dads. You love them. You may hate them. You may want to completely disown them. But at the end of the day, they're still your dad and you would not be on this planet without them, so father's day is the time to say thank you!
Now, my dad is a lazy fat lump (no offence dad but it's true... love you) but I love him to pieces and I would not have him any other way (well he could be less grumpy and hot headed sometimes but what can you do... men have to deal with so much like... periods, childbirth... oh wait. NO THEY DON'T)! 

If you want to say thank you to your dad for everything he does for you (in my case: dad cabs, paying for most of my things, making me laugh etc.) but you're not sure on what to get him, then MenKind is the place for you. I think I have gone in there every single year to get my dad some cufflinks or something like that; he must own every pair in the shop haha! 

MenKind have a whole page dedicated to Father's Day on their website and most of the products are on sale, so win win for everyone ;) From gadgets to pointless crap that we all feel we need in our lives for some stupid reason (They'll probably end up in the junk draw alongside everything else that has no home); there will be something perfect for your dad! 
I have decided to go for the BBQ Tool Set because my dad has decided to spend yet again money he hasn't got on ANOTHER BBQ which we will probably only use a few times before he gets bored of it and realises he can't cook to save his life! But I'm not complaining, I'm not exactly going to turn down a burger *or five.
I've also got him a 'Fruit Fusion Citrus Bottle' ... which admittedly I am going to steal... love me some detox water! He has recently started Slimming World (for like the 1000000th time and probably going to fail again) so he's trying to live a healthier lifestyle and this is the perfect thing. It's also going to be very useful on all those trips to the gym he has been doing of course (HEAVY SARCASM).
I'll probably also push the boat out a bit and make him a tea in bed if I am feeling extra nice ;) 

I hope this has given you some ideas of what to get your dad for father's day! I always try to get useful presents and not just ones that he will forget about in 5 mins! Make sure you check out MenKind's Father's Day Gift Ideas: http://www.menkind.co.uk/fathers-day-gifts. They have some great gifts at affordable prices! 

What are you getting your dad for father's day?
Have you got anything planned for the day?
Let me know in the comments below

*This post is in collaboration with MenKind however all opinions are my own and have not be influenced by the brand.
Thank you to MenKind for gifting me the products, I'm sure my dad will love them!


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