Types of People In Lectures at Uni

I'm in my 2nd term of uni now and I've noticed that there are quite a few 'characters'.... you mainly see these characters emerge in lectures. So I've decided to write a list of the types of people in lectures, so I can see whether it's just my uni or if this is a relatable thing.

1. The sleeper. I have watched someone take a full on nap in the lecture. It was her only lecture for the day and she decided to sleep through the whole of it. What was the point of getting out of bed in the first place?!

2. The eager student. The person who puts their hand up for every question. Making the lecture feel longer then it already is. JUST SHH AND LET THEM CHANGE THE SLIDE ON THE POWERPOINT.

3. The phone addict. Their face is always illuminated by their phone. ALWAYS.

4. The whisperers. People who are constantly 'whispering' throughout the whole lecture... but their whispering is more like a loud blow horn. STFU. 

5. The coffee addict. There will always be a Starbucks in their hand. Or 10. 

6. The smug dick that pretends they know everything... when in reality, they're the ones who are crying in their box rooms in halls, trying to understand how to use Harvard Referencing.

I hope you liked this quick fun post!
Are there people like this at your uni/school/college?!
Let me know in the comments!


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