10 Reasons Why I Hate Public Transport

You probably know already that I live at home for uni so I basically spend my life travelling on buses. I have learnt to hate them and the people on them with a passion. So I decided to put together a list of reasons why I hate public transport!

1. PEOPLE WITH BACKPACKS. Now I don't mind people who have backpacks, but when someone is wearing a backpack on a packed bus, it takes up the space where another person can stand. TAKE IT OFF AND PUT IT BY YOUR FEET. PLEASE. I'M SURE IT WON'T MIND BEING ON THE FLOOR.

2. People who do not understand personal space

3. Those loud annoying teenagers who think they own the bus... 

4. The annoying little shhhit of a kid that does not shut up and their parents do not do anything to stop them. CONTROL YOUR KIDS.

5. People who sneeze and touch the poles and when you go to touch it, you feel a warm slimy substance on your hand

6. When you're just getting onto the bus, just about to hold onto the pole and the bus driver decides to speed away from the bus stop

7. When it seems like the whole of London wants to get on your bus

8. And then when the whole of London does get on your bus, it's like a sweaty sauna in a desert... and the smell of sweat, sick, stale alcohol and a weird vinegar smell (Just me who notices that or?!) lingers throughout the bus

9. When the bus is busy during rush hour and someone decides to take up a whole row of seats... not forgetting a seat for the most important thing on the bus, THEIR FRICKING BACKPACK.

10. And when someone does sit next to you, you have the awkward silence the whole journey home, with the constant fear that they're looking at your phone the whole time

Maybe I should learn how to drive...

I hope you liked this post!
What things do you hate about pubic transport?! 
Leave them in the comments below!


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