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A couple of weeks ago the lovely Alix Callow from  or you may know her from , contacted me asking if I would like to collaborate with her... and of course I said yes, without a single doubt! 
So we have decided that we are going to share with you our beauty favourites at the moment! Head over to her video once you've read this post; give it a cheeky like and comment and of course SUBSCRIBE to her! She is honestly one of the nicest people and her videos are so great! 

So onto my beauty favourites...

My first favourite is this Loreal Paris Revitalift 10 Repair Night moisturiser... what a mouthful haha! This product has sadly been discontinued however, I have linked a 'Day' version, which I am sure will be very similar! 

This moisturiser is definitely one of the best I've used in ages. It's not oily at all and seeps into the skin almost instantly. Even though it is a night cream, I like to use it just before applying my makeup as it fills in all my pores and blurs all the imperfections. It also works great with my foundation. I am also obsessed with the scent... I can't really explain it; it reminds me of fabric conditioner and fresh linen, which to me smells great haha! This product only costs around £15, which might seem expensive to you, but I don't mind spending a little bit extra on skin care as you need to look after it... it's the only skin you're given for life, so treat it well! 

My next favourite is this Makeup Revolution blush in the shade 'Treat', which I got in their advent calendar. It is only £1 and such great quality! It's as pigmented as I'd want it to be as it is supposed to be a natural blush. It's got a slight peachy tone to it, which I think will look great on pale skin! 
My next favourite is also a Makeup Revolution product; their 'Hidden Lights' highlighter! I think this product was exclusive to their advent calendar however, I also love the 'Golden Lights' Highlighter, which is very similar to the Hidden Lights, so I have linked that for you! The bronzed and shimmer face is going to be very popular in these upcoming months, so go and grab yourself this highlighter!
I was lucky enough to receive this No7 'Mini Eye Palette' from my auntie for Christmas and I have used it everyday since Boxing Day! I am in love with it! I own A LOT of eyeshadow palettes (maybe too much) but I always find myself going for this one over the others, even over my Urban Decay Naked 3. These colours work great on my eyes because the purple tones bring out the hazel in my eyes, the colours are so easy to blend and it is perfectly pigmented! It is unfortunately special edition, so it has most likely been discontinued now however, I am sure you can find some great alternatives! 
Now this next favourite is something that I have been testing out for a while now and its only recently that I have become obsessed with it! You've probably heard of this and seen this mascara everywhere, but yes, it is the Maybelline 'Lash Sensational'. I bought the intense black one, as I like my lashes looking as thick as physically possible! 

I think I mentioned this mascara in a post last year, and I remember writing in that post, that you needed to give this mascara a chance (Not sure if this is 100% correct, but I at least remember thinking this at the time) and I still think it now! I think everyone has had the same experience with this mascara... everyone hates it at first, but once you have used it a few times, the mascara works wonders on your lashes! It is also a great dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash, but it's only £7.99 as opposed to £19.50... you can't really go wrong! It gives the lashes a beautiful curl and lift, and adds volume at the same time! 
My last two favourites are lip products! If you know me, you'll know that I love my lips and I probably own a few too many lipsticks for them haha! 
I love a nude lip... as you'll know from my MAC Velvet Teddy review however, I have a new favourite! I was lucky enough to receive this KIKO 'Luscious Cream Lipstick' in the shade '502- Pink', from my friend... she knows me so well and bought me the best shade! It's is a great dupe for Velvet Teddy however, this lipstick has a creamy finish as opposed to a Matte finish! It leaves your lips feeling soooo smooth and it is so pigmented! 
My last beauty favourite is this Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipstick in the shade '12 - Beau brun'. I was really eager to buy a liquid lipstick after seeing all the hype about Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits, but I wasn't going to spend that much on some lipstick! This liquid lipstick dries matte and leaves the lips looking and feeling so smooth! It also doesn't dry your lips out a lot like other matte lipsticks do. It still makes them feel a little dry, but that's to be expected with matte lipsticks. I barely have to top this lipstick up throughout the day or night, it lasts for ages, even when eating and drinking, and at only £8.99 a lipstick, what is not to like! It has a slight redish undertone to add to the typical nude lip, which for me looked great at Christmas! 
That's all for my beauty favourites! I hope you liked this post and I hope it gave you a few ideas of some products that you need to go and buy with your Christmas money haha! 
Head over to Alix's channel to see her 'Beauty Favourites' video and go and give it some love, be sure to tell her in the comments that 'Petals Of Perfection' sent you ;) 

What are some of your beauty favourites?!
Leave them in the comments below, I'd love to find more products to try!

*Many thanks to Alix for collaborating with me! I would love to collab again in the future... maybe I'll make a video next time ;)


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