Rollercoaster of a Year || 2015

I cannot believe I am writing this post already! 2015 where the hell did you go? I can still remember New Years eve last year... looking back now, it makes me realise how much has changed this year... it's crazy to think how different it was a year ago!
So in this post I'm going to look back on each month of 2015 and remember the events that happened in those months and what things changed! 


Not much happened in this month, all I can really pin point is that this is the time where my blog really took off. After 2 years of blogging, I finally decided to take it a bit more seriously. I made social media accounts for my blog, updated the design and I made a promise to my readers that I would upload once a week, if not more! Back in January I only had a small following, however as soon as I interacted more on social media, my blog grew and now theres nearly 900 of you on Bloglovin and 3200+ on Twitter... which is mind blowing to me! 

This was also the time when companies started to contact me more and I was collaborating with a lot of bigger brands... which was also crazy! 


February was the month when I really started to make more friends in sixth form and I began to make friends with a few people I wouldn't have usually spoken to! This helped me gain confidence and also make some amazing memories... it also made the last few months of sixth form bearable!

Not much happened in March, I always find this month to be a bit meh... not much happens... one thing I do remember is having an impromptu mummy-daughter date to Nandos and to see Wicked again! This show was always my favourite and nothing could compare to it (until I saw Les Miserables, but we will get onto that in a minute ahha)!

Not forgetting Zayn leaving One Direction... but lets just not, I don't want to relive that horrible day ahha </3

So in April I went to see Circa Waves for the first time with Kate... I wrote a post about that over here! It was such a great night, we met Kieran (the lead singer) and that was the night I completely fell in love with this band!

I also remember this being a month where I felt genuinely happy... Hobbie and Gabby spoke to me loads on Twitter (yes this made me very happy haha... now it seems like the norm), I was genuinely happy with my friendship group and the last few weeks of school were in sight!


Oh May, May, May.... what an amazing month you were! If there was a month I could go back to this year, it would be this one! SOOOOO much happened in this month, good and bad but mostly good! 

On the 1st (I think that's the right date), I went to see The Vamps for the 2nd time at the O2 Arena ... Union J, The Tide and Luke Friend supported them... they were all amazing, and for £9.50 a ticket you couldn't go wrong haha!

On the 14th my sister and I went to see Les Miserables for the first time... lets just say, my life completely changed after that night. Wicked was no longer the best show... Les Miserables took that title... and oh my, they deserve it! One thing I loved about this show was the cast... there was not one member of the cast who was bad (not surprisingly) but also the cast seemed like a massive family, which just added the best feeling! 
On the 17th my sister and I went to see SClub 7 for the 3rd time... lets just say my sister enjoyed it a bit too much ahah... our childhoods were well and truly relived!
On the 19th it was my 18th birthday, I had an A Level art exam all day however, I was ridiculously happy about that because art was one of my favourite subjects. I was lucky enough to get loads of amazing presents (inc. my first ever MAC lipstick (Velvet Teddy). When I got home from school, we had a few drinks at home with some dinner and we planned to go to the pub for my first legal drinks but me being me, I fell asleep on the sofa after doing a whole day of non-stop art haha! 
On the 20th my best friend Nicole came down from Norfolk and she was staying for the week. On the 21st we went to Thorpe Park for the day and it was one of the best days and I finally bit the bullet and went on Stealth... NEVER AGAIN!

On the 22nd I had my leavers day at school... it's tradition at my school to wear fancy dress on the last day, not sure when that started haha... so I decided to dress up as Piglet and my other two friends were Pooh and Eeyore! Needless to say, I was roast pork by the end of the morning... wearing a fleece onesie in 20 degree heat is not a good idea! Then I got home at lunch time and straight away I had to start setting up for mine and kate's joint 18th party! 
Then after a long day it was finally time for the party to start... this was an amazing night, where I met some new friends who I wished I had met years before because I now class them as some of my closest friends (You know who you are)! This was also the night where I lost a few friends, but believe me, I'm not going to cry over that haha... my life is so much better without the negativity now and I couldn't be happier with my group of friends! 


On the 13th I went to see 5SOS for the 3rd time and they were amazing... it was such a great night! (Kate: *fist pump :| ... I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here haha)
On the 16th it was my final art exhibition at school... I was so proud of my work and I think my teachers and family were too! 
On the 20th my sister and I went to see West End Live... THE BEST THING EVER! I love musicals and this was a free day to see loads of snippets from West End Shows... my dream! Les Miserables performed and well my sister and I fangirled (maybe a bit too much)... when they came off stage they started to walk towards us and well... we ran after them, literally... sprinted from Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square (No we are not stalkers ... well).
On the 26th I finally celebrated finishing school, by going to Roadhouse which is a cocktail bar in Covent Garden and well 8 cocktails and 2 shots of Tequila later ... You can probably guess how that night ended!

On the 3rd of July, my friend Nicole came down to visit again for my school prom. It was such a good night and quite emotional towards the end! I never thought I would miss the people from my school this much! 
On the 13th it was my sister graduation! She graduated from Greenwich University with a first class degree and I have never been so proud! It's weird to think now, 5 months later I am a term in to the same course as her, at the same Uni! 
On the 19th, Kate and I went to see the X Factor auditions at Wembley arena... Although this was a great day... NEVER AGAIN! I definitely thought I was going to die that day. We were standing at the red carpet for up to 8 hours in 20+ degree heat glaring down on us, with no food/drink or suncream... it was so badly organised by the company... the only good thing to come out of it was that I finally met Nick Grimshaw after years of saying that I wanted to meet him... and yes he is THE nicest person ever! I think our show was also the one where the winner, Louisa auditioned but I'm not 100% sure!

On the 2nd I went to Les Mis V Phantom again at Bromley Football Club, which is luckily only down the road to me! I met Rob Houchen (Marius) for the first time and bumped into the rest of the cast throughout the day. They are such lovely people who are always so happy and bubbly!
Then on the 5th my sister and I went to see Les Miserables AGAIN! Yet again it did not disappoint... the only bad thing to happen that night was the fact that Peter Lockyer (JVJ) could only do half of the show because he was ill (my sister burst into tears because of this haha)! Then as we were in the train station on the way home, I turned around to see Rob Houchen going through the barriers to get his train home... without thinking for a second, my sister and I sprinted down the platform (I have never run so fast) to see him and to congratulate him on such a great show, and he was lovely enough to stop for a picture and a small chat! 
The 13th was an amazing and nerve wracking day... RESULTS DAY! I woke up feeling sooo nervous as this was the day I would find out if I had passed my exams and secured my place at Greenwich University! At 7:13am... 2 hours before I got my results, I got a text from Greenwich congratulating me for securing my place and I had never felt happier and proud of myself... I knew I had got the grades I needed to go to uni, so I wasn't bothered what they were but I ended up getting an A in Art, B in Media and a Distinction* in Health and Social! I was awarded for being one of the high achievers in my year group, which NEVER happened to me before ahah! Then that evening we went to Jamie's Italian in Greenwich to celebrate! 
On the 14th my mum and I had another mummy-daughter day in one of my favourite places, Brighton! I love this place so much, it makes me so happy and calm! I definitely want to live there one day!

On the 29th my sister and I had a sister date to the cinema to see We Are Your Friends... we were the only ones in the cinema, but it was probably one of the creepiest cinema experiences of my life ahah! Then that evening we went to a party, and then at 2am on the 30th, my mum, dad and I travelled to Portugal for our holiday! It was such a lovely holiday and we somehow ended up going on a speedboat in which I definitely thought I was going to die but I would 100% do it again! 
On the 24th I started Uni! The most nerve wracking but amazing day! I met so many new people and made some amazing friends and I was so excited to get into the work and uni life! 
On the 25th Nicole and her sister came down from Norfolk again, but this time to see One Direction! It was their first time seeing them live and my 3rd and probably last time seeing them! It was such a great night, also a bit emotional! 

On the 30th my sister and I went to see James Bay for the first time in Brixton! He was AMAZING! He had such great stage presence and you could tell he appreciated it so much... not to mention the one and only Ronnie Wood made a surprise appearance and did a duet with James! It was so good that I have treated my sister to tickets for his show in April next year... we cannot wait! 


On the 4th I got invited to attend the Beauty Blogger Awards and I decided to take Kate with me because she loves makeup as much as I do! It was such a good day... I wrote a full post about it over here!
On the 10th Kate and I went to see Circa Waves AGAIN... and they were so good! Just as good as the first time, if not better...I'd 100000% see them again! 

This was also the month when uni wasn't the greatest and I wasn't exactly the happiest, but I wont go into that now... I wrote a post last week about that over here!


Not much happened at the beginning of this month, I was so wrapped up in Uni work, I had finally made more friends and settled in.

On the 28th I went to Winter Wonderland with a few of my friends... then on the 29th... I FINALLY MET JASPAR!!!!! Kate managed to get us the last few wristbands for their DVD signing! They were such lovely people... Joe gives the best hugs and Caspar is a giant! Then after I died meeting them, we went to Winter Wonderland for the second time in the space of 2 days haha! 

This month has been great... I went to Winter Wonderland for the 3rd time, finished the first term of uni and had a lovely Christmas with my family. Not forgetting, this was the month I relaunched and rebranded my blog and I love it... I'm still making small changes here and there but I think I have finally got it to how I want it to look (without any professional help)!
On the 3rd I went to see Hobbie Stuart and Musical Bethan perform at Jack Wills in Covent Garden! It was such an amazing night, even better with the fact it was a free event... and Gabby, Lucy and Lydia turned up so I managed to meet them all as well... I was in my element! 
As you read this, 2015 has ended... but I am writing this on the 30th, New Years Eve is tomorrow, which is always a weird day of emotions for me as it is the anniversary of my Grandads death however, I am making sure that I celebrate a life changing year and welcome 2016 with open arms!

Thank you for all the support this year! It has been a roller coaster of a year and I can't quite get my head around how much has actually happened!

I've lost 'friends' and gained soooo many more amazing ones which I know for a fact are going to be friends for life! I've grown up a lot this year and I have really focused on gaining confidence and happiness, by removing all the negative things in my life and I couldn't be happier! 

I hope 2016 is another year of happiness and growing up! I can't wait to see what the New Year brings... I've got some exciting things planned; Busted Tour, James Bay, Les Miserables again (hopefully) and maybe a holiday with my friends!

I hope you liked this long post reviewing my 2015... I hope your year was as fun filled as mine!
Let me know in the comments what you've been getting up to in 2015, I'd love to know!

I'm going to take this moment to say Happy New Year to you all and thank you for supporting me so much this past year... I love you all! 

Goodbye 2015... Hello 2016...


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