I was kindly tagged by the lovely Alexandra to do 'The Self Love Challenge 13'... You can see her post over on here http://alexandrasparadise.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/the-self-love-challenge-13.html (I recommend you go and read her post before this one). Alexandra came up with this beautiful idea and I was so eager to join in with it myself. 
I have battled with confidence issues for quite some time, similar to maybe some of you. I always point out the negative aspects about myself and I never really take a step back to look at the positives! I can be told a million+ times that I'm beautiful or a great person, but I will always shrug that off and focus on the negatives... which is NEVER a good thing to do! So, this challenge is the perfect chance for me to point out all the positives about myself. 

The main idea of this challenge is to focus on YOUR feelings... recognising the things YOU love about yourself! 

The Rules: 
  • You need to nominate 13 bloggers/vloggers
  • You need to write 13 things about yourself (forget about feeling selfish)
  • You need to realise how beautiful you are
  • You also have to share the post using the hashtag #TheSelfLoveChallenge13
So, here are 13 things I love about myself: 
  1. I love my lips. I love how big they are (compared to everyone else in my family haha). I love how lipstick looks on them. I've been told by someone that they look 'kissable' which is always a nice thing to hear haha! 
  2. I love my eyes. I love how hazel and sparkly they are! Apparently they look 'dark and mysterious'.
  3. I love how blunt I am. This is not necessarily a 100% good thing but I'm going to say it anyway! Because I'm blunt, I get to the point quicker... none of this 'beating around the bush' rubbish! 
  4. I love how creative I am. I have always been creative. I remember doing arts and crafts all the time when I was younger! I would literally have a few cereal boxes and some paint, and I would spend hours creating something out of it! I also love how I can make something out of nothing... which is maybe why I also love baking and cooking so much as well :) 
  5. I love my left eyebrow. My right one needs proper shaping haha! (yes I have a favourite eyebrow... we all secretly do)... As my Grandma once said; "Eyebrows are sisters, not twins."
  6. I love how sassy I can be *flicks hair*. I've been told I'm sassy and I absolutely LOVE it! I feel so empowered!
  7. I love how easy I am to talk to. Even though I am as shy as a fox (what am I even talking about?!), I find it really easy to talk to people that I feel comfortable with. Once I start talking to them, I never stop! I was told by one of my really good friends, that he found me really easy to talk to, even though he'd usually be really shy and not share many feelings with other people. 
  8. I love how passionate I am. Set me a task and I WILL do it! I am so passionate about blogging, I make sure I upload every week without fail. I am so passionate about Les Miserables, that I will fully get worked up and cry over the fact that someone else isn't giving it a chance and refuses to go and see it! (Yes this is a thing that's actually happened before// I am not ashamed).
  9. I love how independent I can be. Although, I LOVE talking to someone and being around people that make me happy, I also love being independent. I love my own company. When I was little, I would spend hours playing shops, doctors, teachers all by myself and I would have the best time! 
  10. I love my chin. In the words of Macey '#CHINGOALS".
  11. I love how kind I am. I love spending hours and hours just making other people happy... and I love being there for them when they need someone to talk to. I like to think I give good advice! 
  12. I love how funny I can be. I like to think I'm funny. I have been told I'm funny haha! I think it's because I am quite quick with my witty remarks! 
  13. I LOVE ME! I would not want to be anyone else! I love my personality, certain parts of my face and body... even my imperfections, because without them I wouldn't be me!
Thank you so much to Alexandra for coming up with this amazing idea and also for nominating me! I feel so much happier about myself after writing this post <3 
I really really really urge you all to do a post like this! It makes you realise that you actually are amazing, without feeling selfish!
Leave a comment below telling me one thing you love about yourself!

I nominate: 
Nicola Da Rita
Owen Frostie


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