My Perfect Sunday

I love Sundays so much! I never had the dreaded Sunday/Monday feeling because I only had 2 hours of school on a Monday, so life was pretty easy for me regarding that! Sunday's are the days where I can literally vegetate/hibernate and have some 'me time'... which is always a must for me, because I can get very caught up in life sometimes (I wrote about this in my Why It's Ok Not To Be Ok post).
I thought I'd do a different kind of post today, so instead I made a little (very badly edited and filmed) video, explaining what I usually do on a Sunday! This is the beginning of me and my  ... Yes, I have finally plucked up the courage to (sort of) start one.
This little video is just a practice I guess... I'm still trying to gain the confidence to actually speak on camera... so bare with me haha! I hope you like the video... Feedback is welcome <3 It would be great if you could give it a like and Subscribe if you'd like to see more :) 

Leave a comment below telling me what you do on a Sunday! 


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