Keeping Summer Fresh*

In the Summer I love going on days out to London with my sister. I take in the gorgeous surroundings, which I am very lucky to have 'on my doorstep' and explore new places, however one thing I HATE about this, is that I feel like I have all sorts of germs on me from all of the public transport. I am quite a hygiene freak... I have a weird phobia of coins because I just feel like I have all the germs from every living thing on this planet on me, so it's vital I have wipes and sanitiser in my handbag at ALL TIMES! To add to my 'germ experience', sometimes these days out will be while it's my 'time of the month' and there is nothing worse then feeling uncomfortable whilst travelling around London, so I try my best to freshen up as much as physically possible. 

Last week my sister and I went to London for the day for a bit of shopping. As you can imagine it was very tiring, busy and there was never really a chance to properly 'freshen up'. We decided to have a look around Liberty; if you follow me on Instagram () you will probably be sick of my Liberty photographs by now (I'm sorry)... it's the perfect place to take photos for Instagram, especially if you can't afford anything in there haha! 
I absolutely love everything in Liberty and it is so calm in there... I could stay in there for hours, just looking around at all the beautiful things they sell. (And yes, it was a struggle walking past all the 'high end' make up without making a cheeky purchase). Nevertheless, I made it out without buying anything... lets just say, my bank account LOVES me, my heart...well, not so much haha! 
As I was saying before, it is very hard to find time to 'freshen up' when you're out and about in London. Which is why I absolutely LOVED these 'Everyday Care Freshening & Soothing Cloths' by femfresh! These cloths contain a pH-balanced formula, infused with calendula and mellow extracts... which are gentle enough to cleanse, freshen and soothe even the most sensitive of people. They are primarily used 'down below', which is very useful when you are out and about whilst you are on your 'time of month'. However, I found them to be a very versatile product, which was great to use to wipe down my hands etc. (you all know what I mean, when you just feel grubby and blergh in London... you just want to be able to walk around in a bath constantly... just me or? haha). Also, retailing at £3.49 for a pack of 25 cloths, what's not to like?! >>> Buy them here
After I had freshened up with these wipes, my sister and I managed to drag ourselves out of Liberty and we went around Oxford Street... I managed to get soooo many holiday clothes in the sale, so if you want a haul, please leave a comment below letting me know! Finally, after a long, but successful day of shopping we made our way home! As soon as I got home, I wanted a bath immediately. I love London but I hate the dirty feeling after being there haha! I was very eager to try out the femfresh 'Daily Intimate Wash'. >>> Which you can buy here

I have really sensitive skin and I usually have to stay away from perfumed products, however this femfresh daily wash worked a treat! Because it is mainly for your intimate areas, I felt like I could completely trust what I was putting on my skin. These have to be the only products that I felt 100% comfortable using. They just seem so 'pure' and 'clean' (ironic I know haha) but you know what I mean, you don't have the fear of putting loads of bad chemicals on your body, which is what I definitely look for in a product!
femfresh's current campaign is based around the idea of a 'femfresh Summer'. They want to spread the awareness of feminine hygiene and they have achieved this by bringing out a new range of daily essential products, which I have found very useful on days out similar to this one! They want to encourage people to share their 'Shelfie', to show what they use in the shower... as you can see femfresh is a must in mine! Share your 'Shelfie's' of your femfresh products, using the hashtag #shelfie and tag me on twitter (@petalsofperfect) and Instagram (petalsofperfection)... I'd love to see them! It would be great if you could help promote this wonderful campaign, as I feel the products are what a lot of people are looking for, but are yet to find!
Femfresh sell a range of 'Intimate Skin Care Products', which are pH balanced to suit your skin type... it's as if the product is specifically 'made for you'. femfresh is no.1 in intimate skin care in the UK and has 40 years of expertise. What is not to like?! They are perfectly suited to everyone and their desirable needs! They were the perfect products for me to use out and about in London and also when I got home from that long day out :) After my bath, I got straight into my pyjamas and into bed... the moral of this blog post is; shopping in London is tiring, BUT it's always made easier and more enjoyable when you can stay 'femfresh' (see what I did there?!). 
I hope you enjoyed this post! 
Have you ever tried femfresh products?! What product is your favourite from the range?!

*This post was sponsored by femfresh, however all views are 100% my own and my views and opinions were not influenced by the brand. 
* All products where kindly gifted by femfresh.


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