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I never thought in a million years that I would be writing this post (I know I said that about my Naked 3 post as well haha - proof that dreams do come true). For years and years and years I had been eyeing up MAC lipsticks, but I always thought that I would never be lucky enough to own one, as they are quite expensive (for a lipstick)! I would spend ages scrolling through the MAC website to find the shade for me... which I would buy in my dreams! Then as my 18th birthday came around, I took the chance and asked for one as a present ... but deemed it highly unlikely that I'd actually get one! Then on the 19th Of May, on my birthday morning I opened a tiny little present and to my surprise A MAC LIPSTICK BOX was inside!
If you've read my 'Out with the mauve and in with the nude' blog post, you'll know that I am obsessed with a nude lip! Who doesn't like the Kylie Jenner lip?! So of course I had to choose the MAC Velvet Teddy as my first shade... and what a great choice it was! I can wear it everyday, during the day and night... it goes with all make up and all outfits, it's an all round versatile lipstick... which I think is a great shade to start of with if you are a beginner with lipsticks! 
Not only is the lipstick great but oh my god LOOK AT THAT PACKAGING! I love the sophistication of MAC packaging. So simple but so glamorous! The bullet packaging of the actual lipstick is so pretty... its matte black/off grey (with obviously the plastic sheen to it) with hints of sparkle and glittery goodness!

Now onto the actual product... all I can say is that it is worth every penny! Retailing at £15.50, which I know sounds like a lot for one lipstick but trust me, IT IS SOOOO WORTH IT! The consistency of the lipstick is so perfect... it glides on so smoothly and it does not dry out the lips at all, even though it is a matte lipstick. AND THE SMELL OH MY... I can only describe the smell as white chocolate or vanilla ice cream! 
I have found several dupes for the MAC Velvet Teddy however one thing I will say is that all of those dupes do not last as long as the MAC lipsticks! I thought I'd have to reapply it at least 4 times throughout the day, but oh noooooo.... I rarely have to reapply at all! The shade is definitely a pink shade with a brown undertone... I would describe it as your natural lip colour with a little bit of 'oomft' < Great description I know! There's not much more I can say about it really... so I'm going to just put a few random photos of when I am wearing it, so you get the idea of how it looks on :) 
(With filter)
I hope you liked this post :) Have you tried any MAC lipsticks?! What shade do you think I should try next?! Leave a comment below. 


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