Australian Body Care: Body Lotion || Review*

One thing I love about going on holiday, is coming back into the cold air conditioned room after a long hot day of sunbathing, having a shower and then slapping on a ton of 'after sun'. Recently I have been loving the Australian Body Care Tea Tree Oil body lotion! The lotion helps to soothe and condition the skin, which can be used on a daily basis, even on sensitive skin like mine :)
It leaves your skin feeling "soft, supple, cooled and refreshed", perfect for your skin after a long day in the sun! It's such a light/thin consistency, which is great for people with oily/combination skin similar to mine! I have been loving using it after my baths and especially after I have shaved, as it leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and soothes my legs after I have used a razor on them. Most moisturisers I have used, leave my skin feeling greasy and sticky, however this one seeps into the skin instantly and does not leave you feeling sticky at all... which is great for when you are on holiday, because the last thing you want is to feel sticky from the products and heat/sweat! 
My sister recently came back from Ibiza and she had several heat rashes and was very sun burnt in some places however she used this and the rash and burns instantly went down, due to the antiseptics in the product. She also found that her skin did not 'peel' where it usually would! 
The only thing I would say about this product is, it is veryyyyyy strongly scented! Luckily I do not mind the smell of tea tree, however if you are not the biggest fan of the scent, then this product is not for you! 
Overall, I love this product and I am definitely going to be repurchasing it as soon as I run out! 
Have you tried this? What's your favourite/holy grail moisturiser? 
*Thank you to Australian Body Care for sending me this product to review. Even though the product was not paid for myself, all views are 100% my own!


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