Life Without My iphone!*

If you know me, you know that I cannot live without my phone. I have to have it on me all the time and if someone else has it, I have to be with them at all times because I have such an emotional hold over it (it's bad, I know)! A few weeks back, I wrote a blog post about what's on my iphone and  (Who work alongside Nokia) read it and got in contact with me, and asked if I would ever consider swapping my iphone for a Nokia Lumia 640! I have had androids and smartphones in the past and I have loved them, but I wanted to try out an iphone as there had been a lot of hype over them! However, I have a love/hate relationship with my iphone; the camera quality is great but the battery drains in seconds! Therefore, I was eager to try out a Lumia 640, to see if that suited me better then an iphone!
I was lucky enough to trial this device for 2 weeks and see if I preferred this to my iphone. At first when I received my package and opened the box, I was amazed at how big the screen was and how brightly coloured the back of the Lumia was! The screen was easily twice the size of my iphone 4s... however, I had mixed emotions about the size. I think where I am used to a small/standard screen size, I found it hard to use a large screen and this also made the phone quite hard to hold in my hand. However, I knew that I would become accustomed to it eventually! 
When I first turned the Lumia on, I loved the layout of the home screen... it was so organised and you could move the little squares around and change the layout to suit you and your way of using the device. I think its great that you have this form of organisation and customisation. I also love the fact that the little apps/squares use photos from the apps and display them in a slideshow style on the squares, this makes the phone feel more personal to you :) 
Not only do you have the chance to personalise your home screen to suit you, but you also have a full list of apps in one place, to choose from... and you can also take apps from here and move them onto the home screen. 
My most used app has to be the Twitter app! I love twitter and as I said before in my previous post, I have three accounts to juggle, so the app is vital to have on my phone! However, I'm not a fan of how the Twitter layout looks on this device. It's obviously different to the layout on my iphone and I found it really hard to get used to. However, it didn't stop me from using it at all... it just meant that I would take a little bit longer to compose a tweet *Oh the struggles of life* haha! 
Overall, I did enjoy using this device, however I am still not completely convinced to make the change from my iphone (sorry haha)! I found the Lumia 640 a little bit hard to get used to, as I am so used to the layout and function of iphones. However, this does not mean that the Lumia is a bad device! It's great and I would definitely recommend it... I'm just useless at using it haha! I think it'll be a great device for business people, as it has a very organised layout which you can modify to your preferred use! The only thing I will say about this device is, I found the actual device to be a little bit on the large side and my little hands found it hard to hold it (when holding in one hand)... although, this can be said for all phones, including the iphone 6 it's got nothing to do with the Lumia, just my personal preferences! 
I hope you liked this kind of post! It was so interesting to try out a completely new device to what I am used to! Have you got a Lumia... or are you more of an iphone person?! let me know in the comments below :)

*Thank you to connects #connectstrial ... and Nokia(Microsoft) for sending me this Lumia 640 to trial.
*Although product has been sent to me and paid for by the company, all views and opinions are my own!


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