Spring has sprung...

How is it Spring already?! That is crazy! I hope you all have a lovely Easter/Spring break whatever you're doing <3 The lovely Emily from http://emilyhearts.com/ has nominated me for 'The Spring Tag!' ... I love Emily's blog and I think you should all go and have a read of it, because you are missing out if you're not <3 Now on with the tag... 

1 . What three colours remind you of Spring?
Anything pastel! Pink, Mint Green, Duck Egg Blue! 

2. What is the first thing you add into your Spring wardrobe?
A floral blouse or top.... Last year I bought a white cotton, cross-strap top, which had embroidered flowers along the bottom. It was the perfect top to wear with a pair of skinny jeans! I think Spring can be tricky because it's not freezing cold any more, but it's also not boiling hot... so having a 'Summery/Spring' top with jeans, is the perfect transitional season outfit! 

3. What is the first item that you ditch from your wardrobe to make it more Spring like?
Any large knit jumpers! Personally I'm not a fan or large knit jumpers anyway, because they can make me look bigger then I already am, but I don't mind wearing them when I'm layering up in the winter. But as soon as Spring has sprung, they are out of my wardrobe! 

4. What are your ultimate nude and bright lipsticks?
Rimmel London Kate Moss (03) is the perfect nude shade... as well as the Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Crayons, especially the shade (Nude Perfection) ... both such great dupes for the Mac Velvet Teddy! For a more vibrant colour, I love the Rimmel London (Drop of Sherry) shade... it's a more vibrant nude (If that is even possible haha) ... I would say, it's like your lips but more! I'm going to be doing a post, maybe next week all about lipsticks, so keep an eye out for that <3 If you want to see my full 'Spring Make Up Tutorial' Click Here

5. What is your signature Spring fragrance?
Either Zoella's Blissful Mistful or Hollister Body Mists! I think mists are better then perfumes for Spring time, because they are more light and fresh <3  

6. What do you add or drop from your skin care routine?
I find that my skin goes really weird around Spring time for some reason. Usually my skin is oily, but during Spring it can go quite dry and there will be dry patches all over my face (which I am currently struggling with). So at the moment, I have been using the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and the Liz Earle Light moisturiser for dry/combination skin, all over my face throughout the day (If I'm not wearing any make up). 

7. Do you change your hair up in Spring?
Not really... I have naturally curly/frizzy hair, so I can't do much with it! I like making it a bit lighter though... I usually leave the sun to work its magic and do that naturally though haha 

8. Are there any exciting beauty releases that you can’t wait for?
I am going to sound like the worst beauty blogger, but I don't really know about beauty releases until they are actually released haha! So at the moment I have no idea of what is to come in the beauty world .... 

9. What are your three favourite nail colours for Spring?
Essie's 'Candy Apple' and 'Lilacism'... Rimmel London 'Pamper Me Pink' <3 

10. Who do I tag?
Thanks again Emily for nominating me :) Have a lovely Spring <3
Comment below what you are most looking forward to about Spring... Is it the wildlife? New seasonal make up/clothes? Easter? Let me know... <3 


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