18th Birthday Wishlist & Wantfeed

I thought I would do another wishlist post, as a lot of you enjoyed my Christmas wishlist  but this time I'm also going incorporate my favourite website at the moment :) 
My birthday is less then a month away (soooooooooooo exciteeddddd), so this seemed like the perfect time to write my 'Birthday Wishlist'. I am no way expecting to get all/any of these products but I thought I'd share them anyway :)

To create my wishlist and to also inspire me, I used the social wishlist website called 'Wantfeed' founded by one of my favourite vloggers Stefan Michalak! This website is great for finding new products from a variety of outlets and you can share with other people, what you 'want'. To describe it simply... I would say it is like Tumblr meets Pinterest meets online shopping. What more could you want?! If you haven't already signed up to this website, firstly: what are you doing with your life? Secondly: DO IT NOW!

App: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wantfeed/id968027040?mt=8
Website: http://beta.wantfeed.com/

Onto my wishlist: 

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter 

Serendipity Hannah Maggs Make up bag

(If you know me, You know I love a good snuggle) 

Again... I don't expect to get any of these amazing products however, I did have a fun time 'wanting' them on Wantfeed haha! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick post... I always like to be nosey and see what people want! 

Be sure to follow me on Wantfeed: http://beta.wantfeed.com/SophieEdwards78/wants

And don't forget to follow Stef on all his social media's:  

(And if you love a good silky montage) 

Comment below what you are hoping to get for your birthday... and if it is your birthday soon... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3 
I'm just going to add in case anyone asks: This post was not sponsored by Stef/Wantfeed... I just really love the website haha! #notanad is a thing now...


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