Circa Waves

As I write this, I am having major post concert depression... TAKE ME BACK!  Last night I went to the O2 Shepard's Bush Empire to see Circa Waves, with my friend (who bought my ticket as an early birthday treat... if you're reading this... thank you)! 
Circa Waves are an Indie/Rock band formed in Liverpool in 2013... they're set to play Glastonbury and other major festivals this year, and I really think that they are going to get massive! 

Before the evening had even started, I had already had a great time... from eating McDonalds, to being slightly disturbed at a man reading a book; what I could only describe as, 50 shades of Grey meets The Big Bang Theory... I'll let you imagine what that book is like...

As we walked towards the venue, we 'bumped' into the lead singer, Kieran... he was so lovely and friendly :) This made the night instantly better!

Then the concert started... the support acts were Rat Boy and Gengahr, who were good but not my chosen style of music! Then CIRCA WAVES! They certainly did not disappoint, in fact they were better then I imagined them to be! If you are questioning on whether you should go and see them or not... stop questioning and book some tickets, you will not regret it!

The highlights of the set for me were definitely Fossils and T-Shirt Weather... they're both my favourites off of their album and they performed them amazingly live, it sounded no different to what it sounds like on itunes. I still can't get over how good T-Shirt Weather was... and because it was the last song they performed, they got the whole crowd to join in and they had such great stage presence... and with it being such a small venue to what I am used to (Wembley Stadium/Arena, O2 etc...) it really felt like they were interacting with everyone in the audience, which made it that little bit more special. Not forgetting the massive confetti cannons which managed to cover everyone in the venue ... a great end to a great night! 
I would 100% go and see them again and I all urge you too!

Have you seen them?! Did you go? What was your favourite part? 
Or let me know in the comments below, what concerts you have been to recently... I'd love to find out :)


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