My 2014 Christmas Wish list!

I know for a fact that I probably won't get some of these things but... a girl can dream!
These are just a few things on my Christmas wish list this year:

1: I have wanted an Urban Decay Naked Palette for sooo long now but they are just too expensive for me! I hope that one day I can buy one with my wages... but  until then, I'll stick with the dupes (MUA Undressed Palette)!

2: Zoella Beauty ... I have the 'Let's Glow' candle already and ... Oh My God... It smells like actual heaven! It smells very musky with hints of a sweet vanilla/floral undertone! Great scent for a late Sunday night, candle lit bubble bath! 

3: 'Girl Online' by Zoe Sugg (Zoella)... I am not a big reader but I can already tell that I am going to love this book! The fact that some parts are inspired by her own life, will help me relate to it and understand it better! I am soooo proud of Zoe for how far she has come... so seeing these amazing products of hers, makes my heart burst! 

4: Real Techniques: Limited Edition Nic's Picks ... I am slowly building up my Real Techniques make up brush collection and these brushes would be a great addition! They are by far the best brushes I have ever used! They are so soft and great for blending! I already have the; Expert face brush, Powder brush, Stippling brush, Shading brush, Blush brush and I use these everyday! This limited edition wouldn't go a miss. 

Check out my previous Real Techniques blog post: 

As you can probably tell, my Christmas wish list is very YouTuber related this year! These people are a massive inspiration to me and I want to support them as much as possible! Check out their YouTube channels:  


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