A-Z on Make Up Tips

- It is important to not apply too much product on to your skin as it can look 'cakey' and also build up in the creases in your face.

Blend- In order for your make up to look flawless, it is important to blend, this way the foundation will be worked into your skin, rather than sitting on the top of it. You also need to blend your eyeshadow and powders, to create a more gradient look, rather then a patchy look.

Contour- Contouring allows you to shape your face better and also make your face look skinnier if you want to.

Define/detail- You need to take care of every detail to make your make up look flawless. Make sure you're using the right shade of make up/ the right brushes etc.

Eyes- Your eyes are going to be the first thing that people look at, so make sure you extenuate your glistening eyes. Wear the right shade to bring out the colour in your eyes.

Foundation- Don't overdo the foundation.. it can literally look like you've shoved your face in paint! Also ensure that you are wearing the correct shade for your skin... ask someone on a make up counter if you are unsure, or swatch it before you buy it.

Groom- Groom and maintain your eyebrows... they are sooo important because they frame your face, so do not forget about them!

Highlight- Use highlight at the top of your cheekbones to extenuate them when they catch the light.

Individuality- Be unique, experiment, don't follow the crowd! You can do what you want with your make up, it's supposed to be fun not a chore. Or just don't wear make up at all if you feel like you don't 'need' it.

Jewellery- You can also wear jewellery to compliment your make up.

Keep- Maintain your make up throughout the day... carry the 'essentials' around with you, e.g. lip balm, mascara, oil blotting sheets & powder.

Lips- Use lip scrubs and lip balm to stop chapped lips and to keep them hydrated.

Money- Don't feel the need to spend ridiculous amounts of money on make up, just because it is a 'high-end' brand. You can get great high-end 'dupes' in the shops for less then half the price, e.g. Urban Decay Naked Palettes < MUA Undressed Palette.

Nails- I'm not one to speak about nails as I am unfortunately a nail biter and I can't seem to stop! I have tried everything, but I think it's passed down onto me as both of my parents bite their nails, it is also because of stress (I am constantly stressed)... but one word of advice from me is to keep your cuticles moisturised and to not wear nails varnish all the time as it can damage your nails by making them weak and staining them!

Old- It is vital that you renew your make up regularly as it can go out of date and therefore it can cause breakouts and all sorts of reactions.

Powder- I use a lot of power as I have very greasy/oily skin... I recommend Rimmel London's Stay Matte palette! It's sooo cheap but practically a Mac dupe.

Question- If you are unsure about make up, ask! Ask your friends, Google it or ask professionals at make up counters! It's best to ask if you are unsure, to save the embarrassment of a tango face.

Remove- It is very important to remove your make up completely! If you leave any make up on your face, it can clog up your pores and cause a breakout etc.

Statement- You can focus on one main feature on your face, for example the feature that you think is your best one! E.g. A bold smoky eye, with a nude lip/ vice versa!

Time- Take time doing your make up, or perfect the time you do your make up in! For an everyday make up look, it's best to master it in 5-10 mins! (I'm yet to perfect this skill.. oops)

Undertone- Make sure you use the correct make up with the undertones that suit your shade of skin.

Volume- Create volume in your lashes by using the correct mascara. I highly recommend the Rimmel London Wonder-ful mascara, with argan oil.

Waterline- A great smoky eye needs to have a defined waterline, add a bit of eye liner on your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger.


YouTube- YouTube is a great place to look for advice! I spend hours on YouTube watching tons of make up tutorials... I have learnt everything I know from it! I recommend you watch:   

- Sleep! Getting enough 'beauty sleep' is the best make up for you! It allows your face to have a break from make up and also reduces the dark circles/bags under your eyes, therefore this means you don't have to wear as much make up!


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