DIY: Newspaper Wreath

As it is the time of the year when you might start to decorate your homes for Christmas, I thought that I would do a quick and cheap DIY, with things that you will find lying around your house! This DIY wreath will take you up to 20/30 mins (inc. drying time) depending on how much you want to add to it and personalise it.

You will need: 

  • A paper plate
  • Some newspaper/paper/card
  • Approximately 6 inches of ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A paintbrush 
  • PVA glue... or super glue, Any will be fine

STEP 1: Using scissors, cut out the centre of the paper plate.
STEP 2: Cut strips of newspapers/any paper or card about an inch wide and 4 inches in length... depending on the size you want your wreath.
STEP 3: Curl the newspaper up into small cones
STEP 4: Using the paintbrush and PVA glue, stick the cone together so that it doesn't unravel.

STEP 5: Stick each cone onto the paper plate using the PVA glue.
STEP 6: Carry on all the way around the plate, until you have something like this. You can add several layers of cones and build it up as much as possible, but I wanted to keep mine simple. At this point, you can also add any additional decorations such as; glitter, baubles or sequins.
STEP 7: Once you've added all your newspaper and decorations, loop the ribbon and stick it onto the back of the wreath, so that you are able to hang it up.

And that's it! 7 quick, easy steps on how to make a paper wreath! Also a great craft for kids! 


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