Blogmas: 6/12/13: How to make your own stockings!

A good way of saving money at Christmas time is by making your own decorations and presents, and the great thing about this is, the things you make don't have to look that good and perfect, because you can always use the excuse of "It looks homemade". Also I think it looks nice when it's not perfect and a bit shabby because it has your own personal touch and is also very unique!

I have decided to make a stocking and I made it as I went along... I had no idea how to make it and hadn't practised it before hand! So that's why it doesn't look perfect, but it's what makes it look unique ;)

It is pretty simple to make, but it's much easier if you have a sewing machine. 

  • Material of your choice (I used scrap material and also old clothes) 
  • ribbon
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • a pattern to follow
  • pins
Step 1/2:
Firstly I found a simple pattern that I found on google images and printed it out. I then cut this out and pinned it to my chosen material, then cut around the pattern.

Step 3: 
Then I sewed on any decoration that I wanted on it. 

 Step 4:
Then I cut a separate of material to go along the top of the stocking. It needs to be the same length as the stocking at the top and then about 10cm wide.
Step 5: 
Sew this onto the top rim of the stocking. You will need to do two of these on each separate main piece of fabric for the stockings.

 Step 6: 
Then pin the separate main pieces together, making sure that the right side out is facing in, to hide the stitching, and sew together using a basic running stitch. Also sew your piece of ribbon at the top, in the corner as you do this process.

 Then turn it back into the right side out... and your finished!
Now... mine turned out a bit pointy, but I think that adds to the home, traditional Christmas feel to it (I hope)!
Overall, this took about 40 mins to an hour, so it's fairly easy to do, although I probably should of spent a bit more time on it, to make them look a bit less pointy and more presentable haha!

I hope you enjoy making this, and I also hope my step by step wasn't too brief and confusing... it's pretty self explanatory anyway! :)


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