Blogmas: 2/12/13: Christmas/Winter Favourites At The Moment

I haven't really purchased a lot of Christmas things yet, but I have got some winter things that I have had for some time now, and they are things that you can pretty much have all year round, but they are essentials for winter now!

Firstly, during the winter months and Christmas I like to have a nice smelling house. As it is getting colder it is getting very hard to open windows to get rid of any harsh smells, because it then makes the house too cold. So instead I use scented candles, I have seen a lot of people hyping about Yankee candles, however I think that they are a bit over priced, but don't get me wrong I do love the smell of some of them!

I use one that my sister brought back from Chirk in Wales, it's part of a candle company called 'Our Own Candle Company'.

I use one of the mason jar ones which are only £3.99, it is the Cucumber Melon one and you can probably already tell by the name that it smells refreshing and sweet, but not too overpowering. The candle itself burns for up to 100 hours, but you only usually need to burn it for an hour or two in one sitting. This is enough time for the scent to linger around the house and kill all of the bad smells.

Secondly, some lounging trousers or pyjama bottoms are definitely a must have! They do some nice ones in New Look and Primark.

I wear some from Primark, which are actually my mums so they're a few sizes too big for me, but I think that when they are oversized they are more cosy and comfortable. I not sure on the price of them but they were roughly £8.

They are so soft and even if you wear and wash them a lot, the softness never goes! They are so nice to lounge about in, especially considering that most of the winter you are going to want to be snuggled up inside, watching Christmas films!

Lastly, as the wind gets bitter and the temperature gets colder your skin a lips will start to get chapped and dry. So to keep them from being too bad I use Vaseline, I use the Aloe Vera one but I like any scent. Vaseline is cheap and lasts for ages, it's a must have all year round, and also it's so small and therefore easy to fit in your purse, pocket or bag. You can get Vaseline in any supermarket or drug store.

These are just a few things that I think are a must have! I could go on forever with what I like at the moment. I am thinking about doing a post about beauty products that I think are essential for winter, so that one will include much more!


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