Blogmas: 5/12/13: My Traditional Christmas

One thing I love about Christmas is the little family 'traditions' we have. We don't follow these traditions religiously but we try to as much as possible!
An example of one of our traditions is when we put up the decorations, we always have to have Christmas songs playing in the background, and I can guess that pretty much everyone does that, but I still think it's quite a nice 'tradition to have! 
Also on Christmas eve, me and my family usually visit my great aunt and uncle, as this is nearly the only time we get to see them!
Then in the evening, I watch a few Christmas films and programmes in the kitchen as I help prepare the vegetables for the Christmas dinner the next day. My sister and I also get given new pyjamas to wear, but by the end of the month, we can never find matching pyjamas! We also put down some brandy, mince pies and carrots for father Christmas and his reindeer's (I know I'm a bit old but it will ruin the Christmas feeling if I don't do it haha).

On Christmas day we wake up in the morning (usually me first) and we get sacks each filled with loads of little presents, we open them first and then when we go downstairs we open our main presents. We then get dressed and have breakfast (I always have fresh filtered coffee and a croissant) and my nan comes round my house. Then we go to my grandmas and open the presents she got us. After that we go back home and wait for my auntie and cousin to come. During this time we just do something with the presents we get.

When my auntie and cousin arrive, we open each others presents and then we have our Christmas dinner. After our dinner we play a few board games or Buzz and then have our pudding. After that we start to get comfy in front of the TV as the Christmas specials are about to come on. The tin of roses and quality streets come out and cheese balls and much much more.... and then we finish the day with TV and cuddles :)

So that's my traditional Christmas... I'm sure it's pretty similar to some other people's Christmas though haha!


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