I Miss You Den || Race For Life

It's been 5 years and it still feels so raw. I don't think a day goes by where I don't think about my Grandad. I never actually called him 'Grandad', he was known as Den... I remember I called him Grandad once and he told me to 'F off' :') 

Death is such a weird thing but unfortunately it is something we can't prevent. Den died at the age of 74 years old on New Years Eve, due to bowel cancer and a number of other illnesses. At the time, chemo and operations were offered to him but he turned them down as he did not want to put himself through anymore pain. His cancer was terminal and it was taking over his body day by day. It was so horrible to watch someone you love deteriorate in front of your eyes. 
He was my best friend; we used to 'people watch' together in the Morrisons car park, play 'schools' together in which he insisted his name was 'Fred Blobs', watch cowboy films together while we scoff through a bag of Twiglets and watch Horrid Henry together (I can still hear him singing the theme tune)... these are the things I miss doing the most. We were inseparable! 
When you're told that someone you love and care for has cancer, you immediately think of the worst case scenario, you immediately think of how long they've got left. It is like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode in any second.

I've never really spoken about my grandad on here before but it felt like the right time to dedicate a post to him! On the 14th of October my sister and I are running the Race For Life 5k 'Pretty Muddy'! I've always wanted to participate in this but I've never got round to applying, so I've made this year my year to get muddy and raise some money for Cancer Research UK
My grandad unfortunately lost his battle to cancer however, with the help from all of your donations, Cancer Research have more money to invest in developing better treatments, conducting more research and to find a way to fight this horrible illnesses once and for all, meaning a cancer diagnosis doesn't have to be a life sentence!

I know people currently fighting their battle with Cancer and with your help they WILL win! If you could donate even £1 to my fundraising page > HERE that would honestly mean the world to me and all the cancer sufferers out there <3

Thank you for all of your support


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