A Blurred Reality.

Is what we see online really what it's like in real life? 


Social media has completely blurred the reality. I know personally that I can act like a confident and happy person but in real life I'm shy and quiet. Blogging in particular has made me realise how much we can blur the reality.

I've spoken to people on Twitter, I trusted them (stupidly), I spoke to them everyday and saw them as friends. Well... wasn't I wrong! They used me when I was most vulnerable, they made me believe that I was the only one who was there for them when they needed it the most. When I found out that I wasn't the only person they were speaking to, I wasn't surprised because I had seen them talk to other people, but what did surprise me was that they way they were talking to the other people was the way they spoke to me.

I felt used, hurt, physically sick with anger! How can someone use me at my most vulnerable time.

When I've met people from online in real life, I've noticed how different they are. This isn't always a bad thing and I'm sure I'm different to how I am online. But when it's noticeably different, that's when you question it.

I'm not stupid. I know we are all probably different online compared to real life. That's not a problem. It doesn't mean we're fake! Some people, like me find it easier to communicate online. This is probably why I have been so hurt in the past. Even Rich has said that I'm different to how I am online. When he first saw me Twitter he thought I would've been high maintenance and a typical beauty blogger, but now since knowing me in real life he knows I'm the complete opposite!

We can hide behind a screen, be a more polished version of ourselves. Or some people are completely transparent and don't hide behind their online persona. 

The moral is, we can't trust everyone online however much we want to. When you see someone online being overly nice, calling people their friends when they haven't even spoken to them before, that's when you need to question it. Yes, they may just be really nice people but from my experience they are just saying these things to fit in with the crowd, be noticed and loved by many. When in reality, they are just using these people to gain some kind of authority. 

I don't know. I might be wrong. Maybe I am. But I've learnt over the past year that not everyone online is how they really are. It is a blurred reality. 


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