A Life Changing Product || Shadow Switch*

We've all been there, you want a simple natural look, but then BAM... your eyeshadow brush still has the deep dark remains of the smokey eye you miserably failed at before a night out. You just can't win in the make up world! But, look no further... there is a new and certainly life changing product out there for all your eyeshadow addicts like me.  is the dry brush cleaner that saves you from them unwanted panda eyes!
The lovely people from  sent me this prototype to try before they released the official and final product! I was SO eager to try it out as I have stained and ruined many towels in my time ... oopsie. It is going to be available in Sephora and online when it launches, so keep an eye out :) Below are the images of the final packaging that they've sent me. 
It is essentially a sponge in a little pot which you swirl your brush in to remove the product, in between using different eyeshadows. It is an absolute game changer! It's the perfect travel must have... you essentially only need to take one brush when you are travelling now! I can't imagine my life without this product now; my eyeshadow has never looked so blended and clean! 
  • So you've just applied your first lot of eyeshadow and you want a new colour but don't want to look like you belong in the panda enclosure in a zoo and you're definitely too lazy to find a clean brush... well let's face it, who has time to clean their brushes anyway. 
This swatch is from before I cleaned the brush. I've swatched again after but you can't see it (proves how much of a life saver this product is)!
  • You swirl the brush around the pot until all/the majority of the product has come off of the brush.
  • You then apply your next eyeshadow. 
  • SIMPLE! You can see for yourself how good the results are! 
That is literally it! There is not much too it! Lazy makeup lovers unite *cheers*! 
I am definitely going to be using this until the day I die and for only £5.99, you cannot go wrong!

*Thank you Beauty Essentials for sending this for me to try!
This is a PR sample however, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the brand!


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