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When I think of The Body Shop, I think of the mango scented shower gel and the strawberry body cream; I forget about all of the make up that they have on offer! So when The Body Shop got in contact with me and told me that they wanted to send me some make up, of course I did not turn that offer down! As you may know, I am a make up addict... my Alex drawers are over filling and I have no room in them at all. But, that doesn't stop me from getting new make up; I need to feed my addiction in some sort of way ;) 
For a few years now I have been watching Velvetgh0st (Gabriella) and she has always mentioned The Body Shop make up, so I was very eager to try it all out! They were so so generous and sent me ridiculous amounts, which I am honestly so grateful for! In this post I am going to just show you what they sent me and where you can buy it yourselves and my first little opinion on the products. Then, over on my in a tutorial and I have given my full overall honest review... so make sure you go and watch that after you've read this! 

The thing I was most excited about when I opened the package was the InstaBlur Primer! I have been wanting to try this for SO long but just could not justify spending £14 on a primer that might not have worked for me, if I had income then I would not mind haha! However, since using it I would say it's definitely worth the £14 and it's for sure the best primer I have used so far! 
I have really oily skin so layering primer, foundation and concealer on my face is risky business, because the oil in my skin just washes it all up and makes it look cakey! However, this primer is 0% mattifying but not drying; which is certainly what I look for in a primer... and to top it all off, it makes my foundation look soooo silky smooth! 
I also got sent the InstaBlur Eye Primer! If you are subscribed to me on YouTube and watch my videos, you'll know that I am a big fan of the Makeup Revolution eye primer... however, I think this one has topped it! Not only is it an eye primer, it's also conceals! What more could you want?! The consistency is quite think and as you initially apply it it does go quite crumbly but once it's all worked in, it works a treat; and it's only £10! 
To go on top of these primers I've been given a Fresh Nude Foundation in the shade Bora Bora; which is hands down the best colour match I have ever had with a foundation! This foundation is very similar to the Revlon Colourstay one, which I have raved about in the past; although, it is a lighter coverage and does not cake up as much as the revlon one! It is 10000% build-able if you want more coverage, but it is a great foundation if you just want to make yourself look more awake! 
You can't feel it on your skin and it sits nicely on top of the InstaBlur Primer, it also blends out easily leaving a silky smooth finish! Not forgetting the scent!!! The Body Shop are famous for their scents and they even managed to make their make up smell good enough to eat! I can't explain the scent at all... but just go into the store and smell it for yourself... the scent alone is worth the £15.00!
If the foundation did not match my shade then fear no more... They sent me the Shade Adjusting Drops which are honestly going to save me so much money! I'm useless at colour matching and my skin is constantly going from tanned to Casper the fricking Ghost! 
They kindly sent me both the lightening and darkening drops, which I will certainly be using when I buy a foundation that doesn't match my skin at all! I'll no longer be wasting my money on foundation that doesn't match my skin... hallelujah to the make up Gods! 
A bonus on top of this is that you can also use these for contour, which is what I did in my video and they also mention it on their website! The darkening shade is the perfect tone for my skin and blends so easily to create the most subtle and natural looking contour! It feels nice and light on the skin as well, especially compared to cream contours that I usually use! These drops retail at £10 each and they are worth every penny as they do a variety of jobs! 
The Body Shop also sent me their Lip & Cheek Stain! I had never tried a cream/stain blush so I was very curious as to how this would sit on my oily skin! They sent me the shade Vineyard Peach which is a very stunning, vibrant colour and when you initially put it on, it can be quite scary but once you blend it in, it gives you the nicest flush of colour and healthy glow! I would definitely recommend this as a cheek stain however, I don't think I am very convinced about using it as a lip stain. 
As you will see in my video, it picked up on all the dry parts of my lips and it doesn't have much consistency (due to it being a stain) so really, if you've got dry lips like me, what you're really doing is making the chapped part of your lips a different colour and making them more obvious! But for £8 you can't go wrong and it is a great alternative for a powder blush and the colour variety is amazing!
This next thing I was VERY excited about... They sent me their Down To Earth Eye Palette!!!! If you know me and you've seen my Alex drawers, you'll know that I am OBSESSED with eye shadow... I have a whole drawer (which is now running out of room) filled with palettes and I'm so excited for this one to join the eye shadow family! 
I couldn't actually find this palette on their website so I'm not sure if it is new or not but you can buy them as quad palettes and build up your little collection like mine ;) I love this palette... the purple tones make my hazel eyes pop! It has got a great variety of matte and shimmer shades which are super pigmented and easy to blend and work with! 
*EXTRA BONUS* the shade on the left bottom row is PERFECT for contour if you have fair skin! I used it for contour in my video and it is the perfect cool/ashy tone that doesn't leave you with that typical orange line that contour usually gives you!
Now this next thing, I am not a massive fan of but that is only because I am absolutely useless at using it and I need a lot more practice! They sent me the Smoky 2 In 1 Gel Liner, retailing at £10! I had never tried a gel liner before and now I know why... I just can't get the hang of it. So I apologise now for the appalling eye liner in my video! 
It is definitely not the product that is the problem, it is just me... oh god, that sounded like the cliche break up line "It's not you, it's me" ... yep that has been used on me before *rolls eyes*! The consistency of this product is like a pomade. It is very hard to work with in my opinion, however if you use a different brush to the one that is with the product for the flick part of your eyeliner, then it might work for you. But personally this is not one for me (Sorry, The Body Shop)! 

Last, but certainly not least was their Super Volume Mascara, retailing at £10! I am a fibre lash wearer so I was very sceptical about this mascara! The wand is a standard narrow mascara wand with brush like bristles which help to fan out your eye lashes so you can flutter them at everyone in sight! The bristles are spaced apart to create that volume and curve! I think this mascara would work perfectly paired with the Maybelline Lash Sensational! 

I hope you liked this post!
Thank you so so much to The Body Shop for working with me and sending me all these lovely products to try!

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Have you tried The Body Shop makeup?
What is your favourite product from there?
Let me know in the comments below :)

*This post is in collaboration with The Body Shop. All products have been sent to me as PR samples however, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced by the brand. 


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