Hello! Fashion Monthly*

Remind me, what's the essentials for bloggers again?! Marble, cacti, light boxes, rose gold and.... oh yeah, magazines! I am a massive lover of magazines, any form of easy reading is my kinda thing, so when I saw that Hello! have brought out a new monthly fashion magazine, I fell in love! 

I read Hello! magazine like no tomorrow, especially when I'm on holiday so this looked like my kind of thing. I have bought Vogue and other fashion magazines before but they all seemed a bit over hyped! They basically included endless amounts of adverts and those scratch and sniff samples of perfumes (who doesn't love them though ahha). They have the odd article but it's never anything too fulfilling and most of the fashion is designer and catwalk, where as Hello! Fashion Monthly (HFM) has the perfect blend between high street and high end! It has got the same feel as a 'high fashion magazine' but it remains to target the high street shoppers and current readers of Hello! Magazine. 
I am constantly looking for a new style, with the constant pressure from social media to look good, I feel like cinderella in my rags from the high street! I want to be more Cinderella at the ball than Cinderella when the clock strikes midnight. But it has been proven that you do not need designer labels to look like a VS model... high street fashion can also transform you to the Cinderella who goes to the ball! After all, high street fashion does come from the fashion you see on catwalks, and HFM confirms that. There are endless pages of designer clothes paired with high street alternatives, which inspire and educate you about all the new trends (which realistically we all need because there's some new kind of trend every single day)! 
Not forgetting, it is only £1... yes you read that right, ONE POUND! A 196 page of pure fashion heaven! Perfect for all of you bloggers out there *wink wink*! As well as a FREE 50 page catwalk guide... this is personally my favourite part because it's so visual and vibrant! 

To jump on this fashion heaven bandwagon and to nab a new blog photo prop *wink wink, nudge nudge* order your copy below or subscribe to get the Fashion Special for Free and on top of all of this you get 7 Free Lee Stafford hair products which are worth £43... a blogger can never have too many products ;) 

Sorry but £6 for 6 months and FREE delivery of every issue (and before it's available in stores) WHAT IS NOT TO LIKE!?

Have you got yours?!

Thank you Hello! for working with me on this post and thank you so so much for the gorgeous HFM branded Aspinal of London Keyring ... I am in love!

*Disclaimer: Hello! have sent me these products to review as a PR package however, all opinions and content are my own and have not been influenced by the brand!


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