Oh life...

Life life life... what are you doing to me?!

One minute my social life is boring and uni seems to be like the only thing I do with my life, and the next minute I've managed to somehow get myself a boyfriend and somewhat a social life... but of course, I'm still stuck with the endless amounts of uni work. 

I love doing these little update posts for myself to look back on in the future... it's like my little corner on the big wide web where I can just chuck some words together and for some reason 1K of you enjoy reading it! Where did you all come from?!!?
It felt like a good time to do a little update post about my life. If you've read my previous posts about university (Stepping StonesUni Update) you'll know my struggles with it, it hasn't been easy... BUT, I have finally made it to the last couple of months of the first year of uni *cries into a heap*.

That's right, after all those months of crying, stress, and unhappiness I have finally made it to the end. Looking back at the start of the academic year, I did not think I'd be where I am now... SO much changes in a year! All those mountains of assignments and presentations seem like nothing now... I've still got a presentation, report and an exam to go but I am slowly plodding through them!
On the 19th of May, not only do I turn 19 but, it will also be my first official day of summer... that night is going to be one that I will want to remember (But will probably forget due to the amount of alcohol in my system)! My first stress free, uni free night in a year... omg CAN IT HURRY UP!!!

Looking back on this time last year makes me realise how much has changed (for the better). I have distanced myself from people who caused negativity in my life and surrounded myself with the best people on this planet, and picked a boyfriend up along the way, despite my looks and boring personality haha... what will life throw at me next? 

I have grown up so much... I'm definitely more confident and 10000% happier (minus the stress). I'm beginning to make changes to my life to add to this happiness! I have planned work experience for June, I'm going to Ibiza with my two favourite people in July, I'm decorating my bedroom how I've always dreamed of having it now my sister has moved out and I am more motivated then ever to start YouTube (when I get a camera and decent lighting)! 
I don't really know what the moral of this post is, but I just felt like writing something... I guess the moral is; I HAVE DONE IT! Despite all the crap and worry, I have come out the other side a better person, surrounded by amazing people and I am so proud of myself for surviving the first year of uni because I genuinely thought I wouldn't be able to do it! So if you're going through a bit of a crap time at the moment, believe me when I say, IT WILL GET BETTER!

The next few weeks might be a bit meh on my blog as I pushing through the last bit of uni but when summer comes (which is not far away) I will be back to blogging and my content will be soooo much better! 
Thank you so much for 1K followers on Bloglovin and 3.8K followers on ... You all make me so happy and cheer me up when I'm feeling down so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I hope you liked this little update... it's mainly for me just to look back on!
How are you feeling at the moment?
Maybe keeping a little journal like this will help you reflect on everything that has happened!
If things seem a bit 'meh' at the moment, just remember it will get better <3


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