Makeup Revolution's 2nd Birthday!

As you may well know, I have been rather excited about the Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday party. Tweeting backwards and forwards with fellow bloggers, finding out what you were going to wear, who was going, just to try and make sure that if I saw you I could say hello. When I got my invite through the email, I immediately tweeted about it, just to make sure everyone knew, I think I could say that this party is one of the best things about blogging. If you are thinking about blogging, or even giving it up because you haven’t got many views, DON’T DO IT. I can assure you that these things can just take time, and eventually will pay off and you can go on and go to events just like this.
Now on to the evening, Kate and I started to get ready at my house, eating beforehand which I have to say was a good call. We both decided that we didn’t want to wear heels until we had arrived in the venue, just to save our feet the agony and it also meant we could dance the night away. Anyway, we ended up missing the bus to the station, meaning we were stood at the bus stop in flip-flops and dresses, looking rather overdressed. Thankfully, Kate’s parents came to our rescue by giving us a lift, but not before we got odd looks from those driving past us. We got to the station with minutes to spare, both of us relieved that we had finally gotten on the train and we were on our way…or so we thought. It turns out that we had gotten on the wrong train amongst our panic of arriving before 6:30pm. Two tubes later, and we are finally at Leicester Square.

IDs checked, stamp on our hands (which is still partially visible even though I have washed my hands many times) heels on, we were ready! Walking in to find beautiful arrangements of makeup, so much I need and want! I was fangirling over eyeshadow palettes and contour kits, Kate was looking at lipsticks, and yes you guessed it, they were red. The rose-gold lipstick shades looked pigmented in every shade, with packaging being stunning too. After gazing lovingly over all the makeup, the cocktail reception began to flow. All the cocktails looking attractive, we had to at least try all 3. All of them being delicious, and we happily accepted a couple of them!
A speech given by Adam Minto explaining all about the company, how big it has become, as well as thanking their supporters. Daisie Smith was up next to the podium, announcing a new makeup competition! To enter you have to submit ‘Your Signature Look’ to – if you are successful and get to next round, you will be given a brief to create a look. You will then battle through the next 3 rounds, until the final. This will be live with 5 finalists, the 4 runners up winning £2000 and the winner winning £20,000 as well as a year’s supply of Freedom makeup.
After all the speeches, they mentioned the free bar…and well a free bar can only end well. The rest of the night was filled with dancing, with the drinks flowing. Around 8pm, the celebrity DJ was announced and welcomed to the stage, Scott Mills. The music was a mixture of old and new, we didn’t stop dancing the whole night, and to do that in heels is quite impressive. When it was time to go home, I got my goody bag, and what an amazing goody bag it was. The goody bag contained, an eyeshadow pallet, lipstick, shower gel, makeup brush, fake-tan, strobe cream, makeup wipes and much more! It was honestly one of the most amazing goody bags I have ever received!  
The night ended all too quickly, and was rather disappointed that I had to go home by the end of the night because I was having that much fun! It was so nice to meet other bloggers who had a mutual love for this brand, and I hope to meet you all again soon!

Thank you reading and if you’re entering the competition, then I wish you the best of luck!
Did you go to the party? What was your favourite part? 


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