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A while back, a company called WeWork contacted me asking if I would like to collaborate with them; in which I would tell you all about my current workspace or my ideal work space. This was perfect timing as I wanted to share with you my new 'office' that I have been decorating. 

WeWork offer beautiful spaces, with lots of benefits and discounts for people who freelance, run their own business or are looking in to creating a start up. I personally know a few people/bloggers who would love to have their own business, or take up blogging full time, so WeWork seems perfect for them! Even better... they've just opened up some new locations in London! Their spaces are so fashionable and definitely somewhere I would love to work!
Now, I spend hours and hours scrolling through social media looking at everyones gorgeous work spaces. The perfect white walls, IKEA furniture, framed quotes and not forgetting that all important marble that bloggers would die without ;) 

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and take the plunge to create my own work space. I have a spare room at home that was basically a junk room, so I thought it was time to change this room and actually use it for something! It isn't completely finished yet as I still want to add little touches but the main bulk of the decorating is done! It took my grandma and I around 2 weeks to decorate it and buy new flooring for it! I will hopefully be using this room more when I buy filming equipment for when I start YouTube eventually.
I wanted to whole room to be white... the whiter the better and then I wanted to buy little bits and bobs to add splashes of colour. I got rid of a horrible and worn out pink carpet and decided to have a grey wooden style lino flooring. This makes the perfect background for flatlay photos and adds a 'tumblr' feel to the room; not to mention, it is so much easier to clean and it makes the room look brighter and bigger! I revamped some old furniture using white emulsion and to be honest, I think my furniture is much nicer than IKEA furniture... not to mention that the furniture is unique!  
These are a few images of what I have done to the room so far (and yes, that is a pillow with my face on it haha... that was a present from my Grandma, I'm not that vain)! There are still things I want to add to the room and I am using Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr to get as much inspiration as possible. I want to spend as little money as physically possible, because I am a big believer of recycling furniture. 
So I have created a mood board below of the last few things I want to add and this will also hopefully inspire some of you to revamp your furniture and create your own ideal work places! 
I hope to finish decorating my workspace soon!
What is your workspace like?! Or what would you like it to be like?
Describe it in the comments below :)
Don't forget to check out WeWork!

*Thank you WeWork for collaborating with me!
*All views are 100% my own and have not been influenced by the company


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