#AlwaysBeBlooming || Collab with Bloomnation*

So Valentine's Day is coming up and even though I am single, it is also a day I like to celebrate with anyone that I love! It's not just a day to celebrate the love for your partner... so single people, this day is for you too haha! 

I was recently introduced to flower delivery by BloomNation and was inspired to collaborate on their #AlwaysBeBlooming campaign. Their project asks bloggers to write about how they celebrate their love for people in their lives. Some people like to buy flowers or gifts for the one they love and BloomNation is the perfect place for that!

So want to know a bit more about BloomNation?! BloomNation is a florist which is delivered to your door! They create handcrafted bouquets, with unique one-of-a-kind designs to suit any occasion! Its the easiest way to deliver flowers to your door... or the door of your loved one ;) 
So as I said before, I am single (Cry with me ahahah) but I love to treat my family to show them how much I love them! If I'm honest, I'm not the biggest fan of receiving flowers... which is ironic I know, because of my blog name; but I just think that flowers can be the easy way out for someone! Yes, I am fussy, maybe that's why I'm single haha! However, I'm talking about the cheap, half dead flowers that you can buy in the garage for a pound or so... which is of course fine if that's the thing you like however, I think I'd be more impressed and thankful if someone bought me flowers from somewhere like Bloomnation. The fact that they have put the effort in to put together a unique bouquet, impresses me more, and it makes the gift a bit more special!

My mum loves flowers... I don't think there is ever a time when we don't have flowers in the house haha! She would love a bouquet from BloomNation... I especially think the simplistic creamy white bouquets are the nicest! http://www.bloomnation.com/bloomfield-hills-fleurdetroit/all-in-white.html 
I personally would love these... and that's coming from someone that isn't too fussed about flowers haha! 

Flowers are great although, I like to do something that is going to benefit the one I love. For example, my mum and sister both get really stressed, and my sister suffers with a lot of anxiety; so I like to treat them to a hot candle lit bubble once in a while with soothing music and spa like scents! I know for a fact that I would love someone to do this for me on Valentines Day... or even any day of the year... or is that pushing it?! haha ;)

After I treat my loved one to a relaxing bath, I like to give them a massage. I've been told by my sister that I am good enough to be a masseuse... so whenever I offer a massage, she certainly does not turn it down! 

It's the little things like that that I think are the best ways of showing someone you love them! They cheap but the thought and creativity holds more value then the priciest of diamond rings or champagne. Although, if you are the person who likes to buy flowers, then BloomNation is the perfect option! 

I hope you all have a lovely Valentines with the people you love! 

Do not forget to tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them, as you never know when they could be taken away from you <3

Leave a comment below, letting me know what you like to do, to show someone you love them! 

*Thank you BloomNation for asking to collaborate with me!
All opinions and thoughts are 100% honest and I have not be influenced by the company.  


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