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Hello, my name is Nicola and I write the beauty blog Perfect Peonies. I am really excited to be guest posting today on Petals of Perfection. Before I dive in I thought I would let you all know a little about me. I am originally from London but moved to Washington DC almost two years ago now. I am a complete beauty nut and love nothing more than wondering around Sephora or MAC. My main goal with Perfect Peonies is to make it a place where everyone can share and learn about beauty. I hope you enjoy this post and after head on over to and have a read. Love Nicola.

So when it came to thinking about what I wanted to write about today I was little stumped. I was sat there staring at my pretty new bag and thought why not talk about what I keep in my bag. I used to carry a super huge bag but when I was gifted this Rebecca Minkoff beauty I down sized. It is tricky to keep to many things in there so things don’t tend to get too cluttered. One thing that is missing is my keys because there sitting on my hall table. 

So let’s see what’s in there...

Kate Spade Cara Purse- Obviously this is where I keep my cash, cards, ID, ect but it’s just so pretty. Kate Spade purses are normally quite pricey but I found this on sale in December and it was a steal! The rose gold colour is beautiful and I always love pulling it out of my bag. A great thing to mention also is it is quite small so it fits in small bags like this one.

Multiple Lip Products- Yes I have three lip products in my bag… Is that too much? Probably. They just seem breed in there. I always have a balm in case my lips get dry. Today I have the Korres Lip Balm, it’s a lip balm that is ok nothing to really write home about. I also have the Chanel Rouge Allure Lip Gloss in shade 15, I really love these lip glosses they really are worth their hefty price tag, non-sticky and long lasting. I also have a red lip stick just in case I ever want to chuck on a bold lip, I really love the L’Oreal Blake Livley red but this Nars Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella is very convenient to apply on the go.

Hand Sanitiser- I always keep a small bottle on me for when my hands feel a little grubby, this one from Bath and Body Works smells very nice.

Hand Cream- My hands get seriously dry especially in the winter so I always like to carry a hand cream with me. Today I have the L’occitane Honey Hand Cream.

Bose Headphones- I always keep my headphones with me in case I get stuck somewhere or I’m bored and want to listen to music or watch Netflix. There is nothing worse than being stuck on the train and having nothing to do.

IPhone- And of course my phone, because I can’t live without it for more than like an hour. Also so you guys can tweet me. My phone case is a Kate Spade leather case in the colour snapdragon.
Head on over to Perfect Peonies now to see more posts like this. 

Love Nicola


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