February Favourites 2015!

I cannot believe that it is the beginning of March already! This year is already flying by ahhhh..... 
I thought it would be a nice idea to do a favourites post! I love reading these kinds of posts... I always like to see what people have been loving, I find so many new things to try out for myself <3 I hope you like this post, equally as much as I do :) (*Sorry for the bad lighting ... the sun was not cooperating with me today... but at least there is sun! GOODBYE WINTER!) 

       Make Up: 

Max Factor Colour Adapting Foundation (40 Creamy Ivory)

I don't know why I didn't purchase this foundation sooner... it is absolutely amazing! 
The constancy is so smooth and silky.... when you first put it on, it feels quite thick and almost mousse like, but when you start to work it into the skin, it goes sort of powdery and matte. It looks like a powder foundation on the skin but it is so light, it feels like you just have an extra layer of flawless skin! 

Rimmel London Lipstick 'Asia' (007)

I have been in love with this lipstick! I initially went out to buy the Kate Moss (003) but I couldn't find it in the shop that I went to, so I picked up this shade instead. This shade looks quite dark, however when you put it on your lips, it looks more nude. I would say, it is a nude with a slight colour... you can alter the amount you apply, to make it more nude or more colourful... it's a very versatile lipstick :) 

Urban Decay Naked3 Palette (surprise surprise) 

I couldn't NOT include the Urban Decay Naked3 palette. I think I've mentioned it in every post since I got it (Sorry not sorry)! You cannot go wrong with any Naked palette! I just love everything about it! If you want to know more about it then check out this post!

Maybelline 24Hr Colour Tattoo (On and On Bronze)

I've wanted one of these colour tattoos for ages... so I finally caved in and got one... I do not regret it one little bit! I love using this as a base for eyeshadow and I also like to put a little bit the outer corner of my eyelid and then I blend it through the crease! It's great for everyday wear, if you want something quick to chuck on your eyes... you can wear it with or without eyeshadow! 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

After hearing Gabriella Lindley rave about this new mascara, I knew I had to try it! I am not usually a fan of plastic mascara wands, however this one is so good! It is curved so you can coat every single eyelash in one go! It lengthens the lashes and gives them a bit more volume... this is a great mascara for someone who is just starting out in make up <3


Calvin Klein 'One Summer'

The sun has finally decided to make an appearance in our skies and I feel as summery as ever! I thought this would be the perfect time to whack out the Calvin Klein 'One Summer' fragrance. I think this is a unisex fragrance... but it really does smell amazing! I'm not a fan of sickly sweet, floral scents, I prefer musky/fresh scents... so this is a winner for me! It literally is summer in a bottle <3


Fleur De Force 'The Glam Guide'

Sooo many YouTubers are bringing out books at the moment and I am not ashamed to say that I am going to get all of them! I have already read Girl Online and I completely fell in love with it! I've also got The Pointless Book and Love Tanya... I cannot wait for Girl Online 2 to come out in November, and The Pointless Book 2... not forgetting Joe's graphic novel and Carrie Hope Fletchers 'All I know Now'..... gahhhh the list goes on! 

But at the moment, I have been loving Fleur De Force's 'The Glam Guide'! There is everything you will ever need to know in this book... from beauty to blogging to confidence etccc.... it's lovely to sit down and flick through this when you're feeling a bit 'lost' in the blogging world... I've found that it has helped me build confidence and also inspire me to write posts! Every human on this planet, needs this book! 


Joe Sugg (LA Vlogs) 

I have always and will always be obsessed with Joe! I could sit all day, just watching him (That didn't mean to sound so creepy haha) ... just his presence... him... makes me happy! Whenever I feel sad, stressed, panicky etc... I ALWAYS watch his videos... they instantly make me forget about all my worries and they cheer me up instantly! <3 At the moment, I have been loving his LA vlogs! He has been there for nearly a month now.... (COME HOME JOE... STOP EXTENDING YOUR TRIP)... but everyday, he has been vlogging (even though, he is NOT A DAILY VLOGGER ;) ), I've just loved watching him venture around LA! 

Hobbie Stuart (Brazil Vlogs/Covers/Music)

Now onto Hobbie.... Where do I start! PERFECTION! I've been watching him for some time now, but it's only been recently that I have been watching his videos religiously and falling madly in love with him haha! I have woken up twice this week, to messages from him on Twitter and I am still dying! I particularly like his Brazil vlogs... it's so nice seeing him with all of his family and seeing him 'at home' and happy :) I highly recommend that you watch these vlogs... just do it... and thank me later ;) ALSO his covers are the perfect soundtrack for a chilled day <3 How can someone be so perfect?! 


James Bay 

James Bay... James Bay... James Bay... JAMES BAY! Enough said really! Hannah (Maggs) and Stef have put James' music in their vlogs for (I think) the past year now, and I always loved the music then, but it's only recently where people have heard of James and he's been on the radio/music channels etc! Not forgetting that he won the BRITs Critics Choice Award last week! His music is great to listen to when you are feeling stressed! As soon as I put it on, my mind clears and my worries go and I am able to focus on my work! If you haven't listened to him then ... WHY NOT?! Go and listen now! 

And that is it for my February Favourites! I hope you liked this kind of post?! 

Let me know in the comments what your February Favourites were... I'd love to hear them <3


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