Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: Review

I cannot believe I am able to write this blog post! I have waited years (literally, that's not even an exaggeration) to own one of these gorgeous palettes. 
WARNING: Be prepared for a ton of photos!

I was in Debenhams with my mum a few weeks ago and we walked past the Urban Decay make up counter. My eyes were fixed on the Naked palettes and I jokingly said, as I always do... "Why don't you treat me to one of them?! ;)" ... my mum hates make up and the thought of spending nearly £40 on eyeshadow is unimaginable for her! BUT... it must have been my lucky day because she FINALLY agreed to get me one! Technically, I paid for half of it and she used a gift card to pay for the rest ... but OH MY GOD... the wait was sooooo worth it! If you can afford to treat yourself to one of these stunning palettes, then definately do! If you would rather not splash the cash, then I would highly recommend the Makeup Revolution palettes, they are great dupes :) http://petalsofperfection.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/makeup-revolution-redemption-palette.html 

you can obviously also get it from any Urban Decay shop http://www.urbandecay.co.uk/naked/naked-colour/naked3 

First of all, can we just appreciate this beautiful packaging... gahhhhh! Everyday I look at it and I clench my fists with happiness and smile like crazy! I have never loved make up so much haha... just look at that rose gold... ROSE GOLD! 

Also, in the box you get 4 samples of the Urban Decay primers. I have used these primers everyday... they keep the eyeshadow on for longer and reduce the risk of creasing. I was amazed at how much product you get in these samples! My favourite out of the four, has to be Sin. It has a gorgeous shimmer, which is great for everyday make up, if you want to put something on your lids quickly. 

In the palette, you also get a doubled ended eyeshadow brush... I am used to getting the pointless sponge applicators (WHY DO THEY EXIST?! What is their purpose?!) so to get an actual good quality brush, was a nice surprise! The brush is extremely similar to the Real Techniques brushes! One end of the brush is a shading brush and the other end is a crease brush. The bristles are soooo soft and great for blending the eyeshadow.  

Now onto the main thing... the eyeshadows!!!! 
You get a mixture of matte, pressed shimmer and lose glittery shades. 

My favourites are: Strange, Burnout, Buzz, and Mugshot.
Strange is great for a base colour, it completely gets rid of any veins/discolouration and brightens the eyes! 
For a more natural look, I would use strange as a base and then blend limit through the crease.

The shimmery shades are beautiful for a more daring everyday look, and brilliant for an evening look! The colours are so buildable and they completely brighten your eyes and complement your eye colour. 

The looser glitter shades are also stunning, however in order for them to stay on the lids, without any 'fall down' on to the face, you need to use a primer. I have found that you need to do this the most with Dust, although I'm not surprised because the clue is in the name! :) 
For a more daring evening look, I love Blackheart! It is a beautiful, black with hints of a purple undertone, and specks of glitter! This is obviously the most pigmented out of the palette, so when you use it, make sure you tap away any excess before apply on to the lid, otherwise it can get very messy! 

Here are swatches of the whole palette! As you can tell, some are more pigmented then others, but I personally like this aspect, because this means there is more range in the palette, allowing you to create several different looks. Even the colours that are not as pigmented, are buildable, so you can always make them more pigmented if you wanted to! 

(From top to bottom)
Blackheart: sooty, matte, purple undertone with copper glitters
Darkside: satin plum-taupe
Mugshot: satin taupe
Factory: satin warm brown
Liar: satin pinky-mauve
Nooner: cool matte taupe
Trick: pinky-copper shimmer with microglitters
Buzz: satin rose with tiny microglitters
Limit: pink-tan matte
Burnout: satin pinky-peach
Dust: very shimmery, pale peachy-pink with glitters
Strange: matte beige with slight pink undertone

Overall, this is a great pinky toned palette, which is great for warmer skin tones, however I think it can look flattering on everyone... you just need to find 'your look' :) 

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette :) 
If you want to see some make up tutorials using this palette, please let me know in the comments below :) 


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