Q&A: Four, Tips and Nakedness?!

I decided that this week I'd do a Q&A because I have had lots of people asking me things recently, so why not do a post about it! 

I love watching Q&As on YouTube because it is such a quick way to learn more about a person. So I hope this post is interesting and enjoyable for you :) 

I went over to Twitter (@petalsofperfect) and asked people to send me questions, thank you to everyone who asked me questions, I wouldn't be able to write this post without your help .... Everyone needs to go and check out their blogs/Twitter because they are absolutely amazing and they are lovely people :) 

Now onto the Q&A: 

My best beauty find of 2015 has to be the Make Up Revolution Iconic 2 palette... I wrote a post about it a couple of weeks ago, if you want to find out more :) http://petalsofperfection.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/makeup-revolution-redemption-palette.html
It is an amazing palette and a great dupe to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes!
My favourite pizza topping is not your usual topping but I love grilled artichokes... omg they taste amazing!!!


The best bit of advice I have been given is to keep my design and layout basic. I used to have (sort of still do have) a really messy and jumbled layout and design. The text was unreadable and the background was so busy that it distracted you from the actual blog posts. So, I followed people's advice and changed my layout. I don't think I have been given a bad bit of advice... the blogging community is soooo lovely and I love listening to people's advice! If you want to see my advice on how to design your blog then have a look at this > http://petalsofperfection.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/how-to-design-your-blog.html
If you want more general advice about blogging, have a look at this > http://petalsofperfection.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/blogging-tips-and-tricks.html


My wardrobe must have, has to be strappy tops! I have tons of these cheap tops from Primark, they're only about £3 and I wear them underneath everything, especially if what I am wearing is see through. 
My make up must have is lip balm! I could not live without the stuff! I hate having dry and chapped lips... I am a person who can say, that they have completely finished a lip balm without losing it! (I consider that an achievement haha) My all time favourite lip balm is more of a high end one... the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Care Lip Protectant! 

This is such a hard question... HOW DO I CHOSE!? 
I used to be obsessed with No Control, then Spaces, then Girl Almighty, but now my current favourite is Clouds! Gahhhh this album is defiantly their best! I cannot wait to see them perform this album live! :)

I don't really know why I chose to be a bblogger over the rest... I think it's because I have an unhealthy obsession with make up and skincare haha! I think the benefits of having a niche, is that people know what to expect from your blog. If they like one of your posts, then it's most likely that they are going to like the rest, therefore they are more likely going to follow your blog... if that makes sense haha! However, it is also very good to have a bit of variety, otherwise you might start to get a bit bored of the same style. 

My biggest tip would have to be: Use other platforms effectively! I found that when I created a Twitter account purely for my blog, my audience grew dramatically, and I have made so many online friends because of it! It's also great to join in the different blog chats because you can learn so much from them, it's a great way to gain some market research. I also advise that you make a BlogLovin' account, because it is the most popular/easy way for people to interact with your blog! 

Concealer! I need to cover up my imperfections... and believe me, there are a lot of them haha!

MY URBAN DECAY NAKED 3 PALETTE! OH MY GOD! Everyday, I look at this palette and happiness runs through my body! I love it so much! It's so pretty and the colours blend so well and gahjhhhhhdhispfsgfwhbpeihaie! Everyone NEEDS one of these in their lives, you will not regret it! 


I started blogging because I really enjoyed ready other blogs, and I became obsessed with the blogging community. I also wanted to find a hobby and have something that I am passionate about, so I thought, why not!? It is the BEST decision I have ever made! :) <3

I don't own many blushers but at the moment I have been loving the Collection Shimmer Shades (Way To Go). It is a stunning palette and soooo cheap (which is a major bonus) :) It is going to look great for spring make up as well.  

And that's it! Thanks again for everyone who contributed to this post :) 
I hope you found it interesting haha! 

Comment below any questions you would like to ask me and I can answer more of them for you :) 


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