One Direction Where We Are Book Signing

On Monday the 18th of November my dreams came true... I MET ONE DIRECTION!!!!!
As we turned up at Alexandra Palace where the signing was, there was a big queue of people! It still hadn't really hit me that I was actually meeting them!

As we went inside to queue, we got given a copy of the book and a free sample of the perfume. One Direction was blasting through the speakers and every adult there looked like they were in hell being tortured!

The queue started to move really quickly and before we knew it we were outside the room that they were in. There was a camera crew filming the whole event for One Direction's YouTube and also the news, and I completely embarrassed myself in front of the camera, so hopefully they cut my bit out haha :)

As we approached them it was a complete blur from there!
We had to move really quickly so there wasn't any time to take good pictures and properly talk to them... but I am not complaining, I am one of the few people who can say that they have met One Direction! Oh and also I stood next to Paul hahah :D

They were all so friendly and you could tell that they wanted to spend longer with us! They all said hello to me and looked me in the eyes!!! AND OMG THEIR EYES ARE SO SPARKLY AND DEEP! That's not even an exaggeration!

As I got to the end, Harry passed me the book and said 'Hello and nice to meet you'!
They were all so happy and you could tell that they really appreciate all that we do for them!

It was a great evening and I am going to treasure it forever, and I hope that anyone who wants to meet them, does meet them eventually because it is the best feeling ever!


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