BBC Radio1 Teen Awards 2013 || 3rd Of November

On the 3rd of November I went to the Teen Awards at Wembley arena. These awards are based around teenagers that have done remarkable things in their lives! Lots of teenagers were nominated, however they were narrowed down to three amazing teenagers.
Find Out their stories here: They truly are incredible people and I could never imagine myself doing what they have done!

On this day I woke up ridiculously early because I was sooo exited, and as soon as I got out of bed, I put on Radio1 (as I always do), and that is when the excitement really kicked in!!!
I had a shower straight away and got dressed.

I wore an outfit that looked very 'rock chic' (as I said in my 'Oh Crepe' t-shirt blog post).
This is what I wore:

A small, simple black skirt:
Under the skirt I wore some black tights

Then tucked into the skirt was my 'Oh Crepe' t-shirt:

Then over the top of all of this I wore a black leather jacket, however this jacket is quite old so it's not in the shops anymore, but you can buy similar ones that are just as good. It was roughly £44, but I'm only basing that price on recent leather jackets that are being sold.

Then I wore a thin cotton scarf over the top, which isn't in shops anymore, but there are still some in the same styles and they are roughly £6.99.

And then I wore some boot/heels, which again are quite old so no longer in shops, but there are some very similar ones. 

Then once I was ready I got the tube to Wembley park station. We got there at about 11:30/11:45am, and had some lunch before the doors opened at 12pm.

When we went into the arena me and my friend Sophie went to our seats and straight away we were amazed at how good our seats were (Level 1/S6/Row /seats 45 46). We had such a great view of the stage and as we sat down the DJ came out, as it started in 2 hours time! The arena started to fill up and it got louder and louder!  

A great thing about this event was that it was very cheap overall and only 14-17 year olds were allowed to go, so the crowd were even louder and excitable then usual. Tickets were only £10 and the merchandise was the cheapest I had ever see. T-shirts were only £10 and a 'festival style' wristband was £3.
The thing I was most excited about was seeing Nick Grimshaw!!! I am obsessed with him! Not only did I see him on stage but he stood right in front of us :D He is even more amazing and crazy in real life and a very genuine person! His co-host Rita Ora even looked straight at me! 

I saw loads of different performers and celebrities... even more then I expected, which was an extra surprise and bonus! I was also very, very happy to see Finn and Jack Harris (JacksGap) and Zoe Sugg (Zoella), who are amazing YouTubers that I watch every single day! I was so happy that Zoe won the best vlogger as well, she definitely deserves it... she is my idol! 
To see all of the performances and photos, visit the BBC Radio1 website >>


Overall, it was a great day and I would definitely go next year, especially considering it's my last year I can go... so I better make the most of it!!!
I would recommend anyone who is aged 14-17 years old, to go next year, even if you are not too keen on the line-up because it is a great day overall and every performer is amazing!  


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