Size Does Not Matter

When did it become the norm to wear makeup or to be particular size and shape? 

We're told from a young age not to wear makeup to school and what we should be wearing. My school was so bad for this, in sixth form we were not allowed to wear a certain type of material, to the point where teachers would literally chase students around the school to 'punish' them for wearing the material. Why should this matter? Why from a young age are we told how to dress and act to fit in with society? 

Recently, I have seen a few tweets flying around about H&M and their sizing. It looks like we have all been affected by this, me included. I dread going into H&M knowing I'm around a size 12 but having to go into their stores and pick up sizes 14-20 just to find that even then, I don't even fit into them. Rich and I went into there a few weeks ago because I needed some new jeans. He asked me what size I needed so that he could help me look, to which I replied "Most likely a 14+". Let's just say he was shocked to learn that this was my size in H&M. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with being a size 14+, every one is different and we should embrace that! However, when I went into the dressing room to try on a range of sizes from 12-20, I could barely get my foot into a size 20.

Being someone who has struggled with their confidence since a young age, I found this shopping nightmare experience difficult and disheartening. I literally walked out crying. Shopping is supposed to be leisurely and fun, not scary and soul crushing. Then I saw another tweet which opened my eyes and made me realise that I shouldn't be disheartened when I have to buy a larger size. I can't for the life of me remember who tweeted this but it was along the lines of; 

"Sizes were used in clothing to help make your shopping experience easier. The sizes do not determine what you should or shouldn't wear". 

I fail to remember this! When I go shopping I tend to walk past shops like H&M, TopShop and Zara because I know/I have made myself believe over the years that their clothing is not tailored to my body shape and size. So when I went shopping yesterday, I went into H&M as I had a £50 gift card to spend in there and as soon as I walked through the doors my heart filled with dread. But then I remembered that tweet and I thought to myself "No. I don't care what size I need to pick up. I'm going to get whatever I want and feel confident and happy in it, despite the size on the tag". I ended up walking out with a range of sizes from medium to large and a size 14. When I actually wear these clothes, no body is going to be able to see the size on the tag, so why does it matter so much to us? Why do we let society brainwash us into thinking we need to look and be a certain way? 

So, the moral of this post... SIZE DOES NOT MATTER!

Be you and don't let anyone tell you what you should be picking up in the shop! 

Have you struggled with this? Is H&M your worst enemy? Do you have any advice on how to feel more body confident when shopping for clothes?

Let me know in the comments below!


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