Current Music Favourites

Being a student at uni means I get a lot of work and the only thing to keep me sane is music. I sing all the time when I'm at home (and no I can't sing). I often get asked by my sister; "Do you ever shut up?!" and the answer to that is.... no. Especially because of all the amazing music out at the moment. 

I'm going to share with you a quick list of the music I have been loving at the moment:

Made In The AM - One Direction

Blue Neighbourhood - Troye Sivan

The Les Miserables soundtrack (Of Course)

Chaos and The Calm - James Bay 

EP- Ryan O'Shaughnessy 

Hobbie Stuart Covers and Originals (Of Course) 

Sorry for this being a quick post! I am struggling to find the time to blog regularly due to uni and I'm not really enjoying blogging as much! Hopefully, around Christmas time I'll get back into blogging again... I'm going to prepare loads of posts for you in the new year! 

What music have you been loving recently?
Leave your current music favourites in the comments below :)


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