Autumn Favourites/Staples || Guest Post by Macey

Hi there Petals of Perfection readers! It’s Macey again, a friend of the gorgeous Sophie. Sophie asked me to do a blog post for her and so I of course said yes!! Today I’m going to take you through my current autumn staples although these travel with me into winter as well.
I am aware that Bath and Body Works is not in the UK, (sad times), but living in America does provide that and thank God because Bath and Body Works is beauteous! This is not about candles because I actually have not had time to go down to B&BW for the WONDERFUL candles. Anyways, moving on! The Japanese Cherry Blossom scent. As you can see, I have the body wash, lotion, and body spray. I got these last autumn time and so I associate them with that time of year. The scent is light and not too strong, I’m really very bad at describing scents and I have never smelt a real Japanese cherry blossom before so I can’t say it’s spot on, but it wears really nice and when all three are used together, it’s a winning combination!!
Next up, I have the Ogx Moroccan Sea Salt Spray. This stuff is amazing!! It smells nice, and provides a whole lot of texture. I stumbled upon this gem last October as well and I am so so glad I did. I tend to cut my hair in the spring, so by autumn it is long and I like to go to for some casual waves on a daily basis. This spray just added a lot of texture, dimension (if that’s a thing haha), and grip to my hair and kept it looking fantastic.

Now I don’t have one of the B&BW candles, but I do have Gold Canyon candles which, I have to say, are the best candles around. They burn down so well, their scent permeates not only the room they’re in but just spreads out so nice. They don’t burn uneasily either, but the wax is always going down at an even rate. I’m not sure if they ship to the UK, but I’m sure you can find some of their products on Amazon. Here, I have my favourite autumnal scent which is ‘Pumpkin Pie’. This smells of, pumpkin pie, of course, and I would say it’s nice a blend of a sweet and spice, not overpowering at all.
Okay so this isn’t something you can wear or put on, but it’s SO CUTE I couldn’t resist adding this in! It’s an adorable little owl I picked up ALSO last Autumn, (man that was really a great time for great stuff :’)). He’s called Franklin and he is my favourite autumn décor item. Everyone has that little something that they enjoy putting out during their favourite time of year, and he is mine. 
Around this time, everyone needs a good pair of combat boots! I got these, oooh would you guess it, LAST autumn time!! I actually got them for my birthday last November and I love them so much. I think they can complete your look for the day, or maybe just add a special something.
And of course, the classic flannel. These are so fashionable especially when the weather is getting crisper, but is not freezing cold. They keep you warm but aren’t something to weigh heavy or hot. You can get these in so many different colours, pick one up the next time you see one!
I honestly envy pretty much everywhere else right now as California is having a hard time cooling down, last year this time, we were still hitting 90 degrees Fahrenheit, pretty much up to the last week of October. Thankfully we’ve only hit 90 a couple of times this month, that’s still really frustrating to me haha, to everyone who actually has four working seasons, you are so blessed, and do NOT take it for granted. I just went on a whole tangent there, but anyways, this is all I’ve got for my autumn staples, really hope you enjoyed! These were probably all things you’ve heard of :’) I’m not sure, but they are my go-to’s.
 Thanks to Sophie for asking me to do this post.
Let us know your autumn staples in the comments below!!
(Thank you Macey for guest posting again for me! I have so much work etc pilling up atm that I'm finding it hard to find any free time... so bare with me haha)


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