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I completely fell in love with Hannah's collaboration with Portmeirion about sharing the things that help you visualise your own sense of serenity! The idea is that you put together a collage of 4 photos which represent your serenity and explain why! (If you want more information about the #ShareYourSerenity competition, see Hannahs post). 

I really wanted to join in with this idea, as recently I've been feeling very 'blergh' and confused *Oh Life*! 

So, onto my serenity: 
1) YouTube (The Michalaks): 
I have been subscribed to a lot of Youtubers for years now and I always used to spend my weekends watching endless amounts of videos. It would help me 'escape' the world and focus on something else! YouTube has been there for me when I feel so 'blergh'... it always manages to cheer me up! The videos I look forward to the most are, The Michalaks Video Diaries. Something about them just makes me so calm and happy! The editing and filming of them is beyond amazing... Stef NEEDS to make a film or something (I would pay millions to watch it)! 
2) My sister: 
No words can describe my love for my sister! She is ALWAYS there for me, through thick and thin! Things are always better when she's around... *as I type this I'm on the phone to her.... "Some man is walking behind me and he looks like he's going to attack me so I thought I would call you just in case!"* < this is the perfect example of why she makes me peaceful and happy haha!

3) My friends: 
My friends are just the best people! They're always there for me when I need them. I have made some great friends over the past few months, hopefully friends which I am going to have for life! This week, as I said before, I have felt very blergh... to make me feel better, I have spent most of the week with my friend Kate/Katie/Katherine/Cassandra etccccc and also I went to see One Direction with my bestest friend Nicole... it's the little things like this that I appreciate the most! 

4) My cats: 
Wherever there is a cat, I will be there! My two little bundles of fluff make me feel so calm and content! My obsession with cats is so bad, that when I was on holiday in Portugal a few weeks ago, we went searching for cats to make me happy because I missed my so much! (yes, I am going to die alone, a crazy cat lady. I AM SO READY FOR THAT LIFE). 

All of these things make me feel like I'm in my own little world of happiness, away from the fear, worry and crap in life! This is my serenity <3
What's yours?!
 Leave a comment below, or join in by writing a blog post!


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