YouTubers I've been loving...

Sooo.... IT'S FINALLY MY SUMMER! *dances* I have finally finished all my exams and secondary school... now the dreaded wait for the results! I like to think that in the summer I'll go out loads and go on loads of adventures... but in reality all I do is eat, sleep and watch YouTube haha! 

So I thought this would be the perfect time to write a quick post about some of my favourite YouTubers at the moment, and hopefully some of you can enjoy watching them as well! 

I have been absolutely loving Hobbie Stuart's music at the moment! It's helped me stay calm during my exams and I just know already that it is going to be the perfect playlist for summer! My favourite song would have to be his original song 'Day One'! If you haven't checked out Hobbie's Channel yet, then go over there now and subscribe! 

I have also been loving Joe Sugg's vlogs (the urge to say 'daily' was sooo bad haha!) I love his little adventures with Oli White (who's vlogs I have also been loving) and just Joe in general! Something about him just makes me forget all my worries in life and he makes me soooo happy!  

Lastly, I have been loving NikiNSammy... I had heard of these before, but I never really checked them out until a few months ago... I binged watched their videos one day and completely fell in love with them! Their videos can be very simplistic but sooooo good! Their humour is exactly like mine, sarcastic but light hearted! 

I can't wait to have many lazy days wasting the day away watching YouTube this summer haha! However, I will be blogging regularly as well... so please leave comments below of what you want me to post about, I'd love to hear your suggestions! 


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