The Truth About Blogging

I've always written posts to help people with blogging and the idea of 'blogging' is very glorified, however I've never really spoken about the negative sides to blogging. So in this post I am going to list the things that I personally find to be the 'negative' sides to blogging. These may not apply to everyone and their blogging experience, but these aspects are what I have found to be the hard parts about blogging over the years. 

1) Finding the time: 
People don't realise how time consuming blogging can be. It has taken me up to 7 hours+ to write a post... you have to plan the content, take the photos, edit the photos, schedule tweets etc... the list goes on. This can often 'put me off' of blogging. People often say, "Why don't you just write loads of draft posts and then you will always have posts, even in your busiest times!" However, it is not as easy as that... as I am a student, I've had to prioritise my school work/exams over my blog, similarly if you have a full time job, it's hard to find the time to write a post. I upload once a week and even I struggle to find the time to write a post, even now I've finished school.

2) The expectations and competition:
Thanks to the technology we have been able to 'get our voice' heard on the internet... however this also means that there is a lot of 'competition' and we are constantly being compared to others who are 'more successful'. I feel the constant pressure to live up to expectations and to deliver decent posts each week! 

3) Bloggers Block: 
If you post on a regular basis, you begin to lose motivation and you will find that you are lacking in inspiration and ideas! (This may not be the case for everyone) Recently, I have had one of those 'blergh' moments in my blogging life (We've all been there... if you know, you know). The thought of even writing a post fills your body with stress and dread. Something that is meant to be your hobby, should not cause you any anxiety at all... if it does, then take a break! Your followers will understand! After your break, you will hopefully come back filled with inspiration and ideas! 

These are just a few things that I find difficult about blogging ((even when I'm writing this one, everything I write just seems really crap, so I am sorry if that is the case!)) 
Have you experienced any of these?! What do you find are the 'negative' sides to blogging!?
Leave a comment below, I'd love to know if I feel the same and I'm not alone haha! 


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