Feature on Durtti

Today, I've got a cheeky midweek post for you, which I am extremely excited and happy about :D
Last week I was contacted by a global social networking site for the fashion industry, asking if I wanted to collab with them on a feature post about me and my blog! This is such a great opportunity for me and I am so honoured to be featured on their website, as I thought no one really reads my blog haha!  

"Durtti is a rapidly growing global social network for the fashion industry that allows designers, photographers, PR's, model agencies, fashion bloggers, DJ's and other industry personnel to network, share and sell their services, 10% of all Durtti profits are distributed to organisations focussed on finding clean water solutions for those most in need in Third World territories. Durtti also run the Fashion Designers group on Facebook."

It would be great if you could go and check out the post on their website, as we have been working really hard together to produce the post!

Also follow them on:

*I would like to thank Chris/Durtti for contacting me and for writing a feature post on me and my blog, it really means a lot! :) 


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