My Skin Care Routine || What I use!

To keep my skin looking 'decent', I have to use several products to clean and exfoliate my face!

Recently I have had a break out of spots and I thought that this would be the best excuse to go and buy some new skin care products, especially because the weather is getting nicer and I want to be able to out less make up on.

As I am in sixth form I am allowed to wear make up, this means I wear make up pretty much every single day... including weekends (If I am going out)! Wearing all of this make up has damaged my skin, therefore this means I have resulted in dry/combination skin and a few spots and blemishes here and there!

As soon as I get home from sixth form, I take my make up off straight away using make up wipes... which I know are not the best things to get make up off with but they are the easiest thing to use!
I use 'cheap' supermarket own brand make up wipes, this is because they are cheap and they do just as good as the pricey ones!

At the moment I am using the Tesco own brand ones which have cucumber extract and vitamin E in them! They are for all skin types and I usually use up to 2 every day to get my make up off.

These make up wipes obviously don't clean your face completely, so I use the Superdrug exfoliating daily face wash. This is your usual face wash but with some exfoliating beads, to scrub off all of the dead skin off your face, leaving it baby soft and smooth.

Even after I have used this, I still have some dirt/make up on my face. I also suffer with a lot of black heads on my nose, and what ever I do, they never come out completely. To reduce them to a certain extent, I use the Superdrug Deep Action Pore Strips.

I then use Simple Pore Minimising Toning cleanser, to get the extra dirt off my face. I apply this with Superdrug cotton wool pads, in a circular motion. 

Finally, if I have any spots or blemishes, I use the Superdrug Spot Stick, which is a Tea Tree gel and it cools the areas down and reduces the bacteria to fight the spots and blemishes. This does sting on your face a bit but that soon goes after a minute. I has definitely reduced my spots! 

If I am applying make up and I want to prime and moisturise the skin I use a small amount of the Dove Essential Nourishing lotion.

Lastly, every now and again I treat myself to a face mask... there is nothing better then relaxing in a hot bubble bath, with a few candles and a face mask on.
The face masks that I use are also from Superdrug and I use these because they are cheap and suitable for sensitive skin like mine!

That is my complete skin routine that I do every day, to keep my skin looking decent and fresh! 
I recommend all of these products as they are suitable for all kinds of skin... they are cheap and do a bloody good job! 
(I would just like to point out, that I haven't been sponsored by Superdrug... I just love their products.... So go and buy them, and give yourself a good pamper! You deserve it :D ) xxx


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