Real Techniques Make Up Brushes: Review

In the summer I purchased two Real Techniques make up brushes, as they had a special offer at the time. I knew initially that these brushes were very high quality and also designed by YouTubers Sam and Nic Chapman, who make easy make up tutorials which are simple to recreate yourself.

In this past year I have really expanded my make up knowledge and collection, as well as enjoying the whole concept much more. It all started when I began to watch make up tutorials on YouTube and I found it interesting looking at the different techniques each individual person has. As I watched more and more (mainly Pixiwoo, Tanya Burr, Zoe Sugg, Sprinkle of Glitter, Fleur De Force etc...) I began to become more and more interested in the make up that they use.

As these are more well known YouTubers and some work alongside YouTube, Gleam Digital and Daily Mix TV, they have more money then your average 16 year old like me. This meant that they used high brand/designer make up which was unaffordable for me. This is when my knowledge from what I had learnt came in handy... I found dupes of high end make up and attempted to recreate their make up tutorials. As I practiced more and more, I began to develop my make up skills and was able to recreate the make up to a fairly high standard. I learnt more about contouring, creating depth and the use of eye shadow in the creases in the eye lid.

However, when I developed these make up skills I did not have any decent make up brushes to use, this is when I decided to buy the Real Techniques brushes. They are a bit over my budget, although one 'cheap' brush in Superdrug is only one pound less then a decent Real Techniques brush. Therefore, I decided to treat myself to these brushes.

I started by buying the expert face brush and the powder brush and straight away after using them I was so impressed at how nice and soft these brushes were. I use the expert face brush to apply my foundation as I felt that it created a smother and more even finish on the face. It also looked and felt nicer to 'buff' in the foundation using this brush, rather then 'slapping' the foundation on your face. I then use the powder brush to apply my powder and also my bronzer to add an overall natural, subtle tanned look.

Another great aspect about these brushes is that they are easy to clean. I try to wash my make up brushes every week/every other week, and when I wash these brushes, the make up lifts straight up and they look as good as new. I use normal shampoo and a bit of conditioner to clean them, and then leave them to dry over night. They never loose their shape and they stay completely soft, unlike other brushes that I had used.

Last week I expanded my Real Techniques make up brushes collection even more, by buying the blush brush. This has to be the best out of the three, it is ridiculously soft and applies the blusher evenly. I also like the fibres on the brush as they are slightly slanted and layered going downwards. This creates a more oval shape which makes it so much easier to apply the blusher. Moving the brush in a circular motion evenly spreads out the blusher and blends it in as you go along, this therefore means that you can skip the blending afterwards.

Overall, I would highly recommend these brushes and I hope to expand my collection even more! They are high brand however affordable to most people, even though they may be slightly over priced for make up brushes.

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